Are there any Action Item List/Log templates out there for individuals and teams?

Hubby is in a new job and they seem to be doing most of their note taking and work on paper. They do have a Zimbra online calendar but do not have the e-mail associated with it. So it just works as a calendar, which he then prints out and carries with him.

Everyone seems to take notes on yellow legal pads. Which is fine but makes it difficult to track both his assignments and the assignments he delegates to his team. I've seen some examples at other sites but haven't been able to find anything printable here. LOL, I'm pretty sure it is here but can't find it.

Thanks for your help.

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Are There Any Action Item...

It seems that your husband would benefit from reading and adopting "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. There are plenty of printable forms here. Examples are "Action," which he can customizize by adding "Next" and "...While on the Phone, ...While at the Computer, ...While On-Line, ...While Running Errands." There are forms for "Delegated to." Your husband can use those to tell team members when delegated tasks are due. And he can follow up. Another good book is "Getting Things Done" by Edwin Bliss. The approach is different, but there is a lot of good stuff. You might find both books in used cheap paperback at That's where I found Bliss.

Thank you Steve. Yes we've

Thank you Steve. Yes we've read (listened to) most of these books. We do a combo Covey, Getting Things Done and our own thing. But hubby is looking for a form that is already made or printable. Thank you for your input.

Some ideas

Hi Ms B,

Here are some ideas for finding templates

DIY templates - the core templates

Outline of all the general forms and what they cover

A simple project or assignment form - which would work as a team action list too.

Ideas from people re managing projects or assignments in paper form and in emails

Thank you so much Katrina.

Thank you so much Katrina. There is some interesting stuff in those links.


You're welcome.

By the way, there's a template at the link below for tracking delegations for projects

Thanks. Unfortunately I

Thanks. Unfortunately I can't open it on my Mac:(

Have you tried...

OpenOffice ?
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