DIY Circa covers

I just took one of my stretchy book covers (Jumbo) and put it on the Junior Std size Circa (3/4" discs). It fits pretty well, only a tiny bit of outlining of the discs, no real stretching (I put my pinky in and felt very little force). I sewed a loop of sewing elastic onto the inside edge, and voila, perfect cover. I also picked apart the stitches in the middle (top and bottom), so the fabric falls over the inside edges of the covers, somewhat protecting them. I'm thinking of using a ribbed knit material to sew a cover for the letter-sized notebook now.

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Oddly enough, not many binder sewing patterns

I wanted to sew a binder for the letter size at first, but couldn't find patterns (or a good fabric).
Also, I didn't want the big pockets that take up space. This way, the pen is on the edge, past the paper.

Patterns and threads

Hi Amy,

there are lots of sewing threads here (sorry, I couldn't resist the bad pun).

These might help.

Sewn covers
Pattern for journal cover
Journal wallet with pattern

Craft discussions


Luv the joke

Left me in stitches.
But then, maybe I should not needle you so.
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Lol. Thanks for the links.

Thanks for the links. I'm looking now.

Nice pics and ideas.

I'm thinking more of a stronger thing, though. Like an actual binder, with the stiffer materials. idk, I'm thinking of sewing something....