Universal 5-6 holes puncher for Filofax and other binders. Again.

I think that I've found a good solution for those who are using several Filofax binders at the same time. While browsing this forum for a punch idea, I've found a link to a Sweden company which produces nice Opto Puncher Universal. This puncher has two 3xholes adjustable blocks with 19mm gap between the holes. Now look at the attached picture. The top row - 6 holes in line with 19mm gap. We can easily use :
5 left holes for Filofax Mini
6 holes for Filofax Pocket
6 holes (with this space between 3 holes blocks) for Filofax Personal
6 holes for Filofax Slimline and A5

Ok. All Filofaxes!

It costed me 50$ with shipping to Canada. A guy from Opto was so nice. He sent me this puncher on Thursday (day of my payment). And I've found it under my door Monday morning.

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Universal punch in Germany

Lately I purchased this item in a stationary: http://www.bsb-shop24.de/product_info.php/info/p579_Universa...
It was not so expensive and serves a lot of formats in the 19 mm pattern.