Student Success Planner

This is a simple template which I find very helpful as a student and a business owner. It's in black and white, and it was originally designed for letter or A4 sized paper - not sure how it will look on A5 or Classic.

It's prioritized by Urgent vs. Important goals, and it allows you to track your progress every week in the categories of school, business, and health.

You also pick an action goal for the week which you want to accomplish that week, and at the end of the week you write down what you did to accomplish that goal as a pat on the back - this is to show you past successes and keep you motivated. This can be anything - it doesn't have to be related to school or business. Mine last week was that I need to go through my fridge and clean it out, and restock with healthy food. And it got done! Mostly, I make these goals ones that I usually hate doing so that my satisfaction at accomplishing them is even higher than normal.

It has timings from 8 a.m. - 12 a.m. because I know we keep long hours.

I hope this helps you out and god bless in accomplishing your goals and creating your future.

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Letter and A4
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I would suggest sitting down at the beginning of the week (sunday night for me)and writing down your goals for this week, along with your Big Goal, and as the week goes along, track your progress.

Always separate what is urgent from what is important. The way I define it is, if it's something that will get you closer to your goals, and actually move you forward, it's important. Otherwise, it's simply urgent. You might need to do the urgent things first, but always keep your perspective about them, and don't get caught up - just get it done, then forget it!

And remember that health is one of the big three - don't get so busy accomplishing that you forget that you need to be healthy to enjoy it!

So good luck, and god bless!

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Give me one of these

Give me one of these templates that i can edit!!!!!!! i like how you set this up but i don't need everything you have!!!!!!