Bought the book

dear doug,
I just wanted to let you know that I bought Dave Allens book How To Get Things Done. Primarily because I saw it advertised on your site and wanted to get the most of my planning templates.After reading just the first few chapters I know this will be of a benefit to me.
The other reason is because Dave Allen himself should know that your planner and his book should go hand in hand.

Planit is where I bought a beautifu Tan cowhide ( sorry to any vegansout there in planning land) planner, with no inseerts and a specially made 7 hole "Franklin Covey' punch to go with it. for $89 Australian, I plan to add a photo to you gallery soon!( may be Planit Organizer .com coud advertise here on your site?)
I also hope to make a donation soon so this wonderful resource can continue, and the yearly calenders can be up dated.

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Organiser and technology

Hi Doug and Joseph,
A client directed me towards diyplanner and we came across a mention on Planit Organizer. We believe the Planit Organizer system is the only paper based planner with a work-personal life focus and managing tasks according to energy levels. Morning people do hard tasks 7-11am while the energy levels are at its peak and work down through the day. The page layout embraces that concept and has features like roadmap, milestones, scorecard and more..Free How to Use Training makes it a useful tool. Shortly our new software will recognise your journal notes and convert to a Word document with one click giving the old fashioned writing habits a tech advantage!Forget typing in notes and filing or emailing. Just scan and convert to text!

PLANiT OrganiZerS

Joseph, it sounds like they're already advertising. ;-)

Oh well, we don't discriminate around here. Welcome, PLANiT OrganiZer fOlkS. A friendly piece of advice, though: if I were you, I'd get that wonky Caps Lock key looked at. heh....

all my best,

when i said advertise i

when i said advertise i hoped they might pay you or something.

Thank you, Joseph

And although I'm not sure that Mr. Allen would advocate our product as much as we advocate his, in the chats I've had with him and his people, they've shown themselves to be quite supportive of the project and what we're helping our users accomplish.

Actually, the fact that they're so open in allowing folks to discuss and share ideas about the GTD methodology in so many different forms wins them some serious kudos in my book. Most other companies keep their legal pitbulls half-starved and straining their tethers, but I think Mr. Allen is far smarter regarding the importance of permitting GTD users to evangelicise his methods, especially on the Net. It's what inspired the D*I*Y Planner project to begin with, and for that, I'm very grateful....

all my best,