Hello, and what a great site

After reading and using the diyplanner site for months, trying out hpda templates, and more, I thought I would finally join.
One reason among many is an unsuccessful hunt for a PBS2000 or other heavy duty/high end Circa/Rollabind punching machine.
Any thoughts or where I could get one, (Especially from a company that would actually ship...) or get one fabricated would be very much appreciated! (been checking eBay & have saved searches set up; no luck.)
Ygor (excuse my informality; I feel like I know you through all your posts), how many sheets does "Smurfzilla" punch in one go? I couldn't find a manual online.
Thanks for any direction and/or advice!

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Did you see this ... ?


Insert up to 15-20 sheets, according to paper thickness (max. 2 mm), into the
paper gauge and push them sideways against the lateral guide.
When punching PP or PVC covers, punch up to 1 mm thickness at a time.

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Thank you! Now if I could

Thank you! Now if I could just find one to purchase...or the PBS3000 or the Circa Maximus.