Week to view VS Day-to-a-page

Right, so what I'm wondering is if anyone had the problem of having a week to view, which was great at quick glances and seeing a good OVERVIEW of ur weeks but then when it came down to planning your day u were stuck righting on post-its and hoping they stuck or using another scrap of paper for ur actual DAY PLAN?? If anyone has had this issue what did u do? I'm dyspraxic so if something is not RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME i've forgotten it existed basically so I kinda need to have my days plan there step by step problem is if i only have a day to a page i forget whats coming round the corner and with a brain like mine that can have catastrophic consequences.... so long rambling post but basically how do u get over the big old fight of Week to view VS Day to page?? Any help, ideas (dare I say sympathy?! lol)

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I use two books

It may sound cumbersome, but I often use both a weekly system and a daily system. I also need to see my week as a whole and need to plan my day in detail. Having them in two separate books lets me have them both open to the right place at the same time. The times I try using different sections in the same book I get a bit frustrated with flipping back and forth. So, basically, I do both.

i use 1 book

its a 2-page weekly. I get the entire week, and enough space for my days. Try a letter-sized 2-page weekly system? You can have columns. I use Sunday as a summary area, for next week or so.

Circa: check.
Now onto...fountain pens.
This new office supply kick is getting mighty expensive real quick.

My daily plan is over two

My daily plan is over two pages, one side actions/schedule/reminders and on the other side notes where I capture or journal or whatever is needed. With that I used to use a weekly planner much like http://www.diyplanner.com/node/6060 which I inserted at the beginning of each week as a fold out page. My planner is A5 and the weekly plan is A4 landscape. In effect, a weekly and daily plan adjacent in the one planner.

I also used annual and monthly plans for longer term planning which I would transcribe into the weekly and then daily plans as appropriate and/or as time ticked over.

Nowadays as my circumstances and situation have changed I just use a pocket size commercial 2 year monthly planner plus my daily pages.

Bob H.

Hi guys last night i

Hi guys last night i realized that i was never going to find anything commercial that would be perfect so I did what was advised first I raided my large stash of empty and promising hardback notebooks, printed off a DIY planner template in A5 size of a week to view then after the week to view followed them up with mon-fri day to a page - sat and sun dont need planning as no work - so I have both week -to - view and day to a page - I only pasted them on one side so I can literally tear the day off when done so I can always be on the right day and week so no fumbling around for the right day "today" ...I will see how it goes for the next few months - if it needs tweeking - no problem but its always great to have a new system that cost next to nothing - see it PAYS to be a notebook junkie every now and again :-) And I'm sure I'm not the only person or last person who has lost sleep over a planner system that wasnt working for them - you've just got to be honest and go hey its not working - what else can i try?! and give it a go. Thank goodness for this site making it incredibely easy to promote productivity :-) Love u guys :-)