Easy to hold pens that take Parker Gel refills?

My beloved Plumpster ball point pen is too fat for the pen loop in my planner binder, so I need something to replace it, and am hoping for some recommendations to whittle down the field while I look.

I have arthritis in my hands, which is why I like the Plumpster, since it's easier to hold, so I want something that isn't terribly narrow and difficult to grip, but obviously, it must be narrower than the Plumpster (at least enough of it so I can put it in the pen loop. I think I could manage if the area near the tip was bulkier.)

I also really don't want to spend a fortune on it, because I do not have a fortune to spend. I am willing to pay some for good quality, I should add. But those $100+ collector's pens are out of the question.

Finally, I really like the way the Parker Gel refills write, so I want something that takes them or, at worst, writes with a similar degree of smoothness, so there's no dragging or skipping to make writing a big effort. (Unfortunately, I think something like a fountain pen would just bleed through the paper too badly.)

Any ideas where I should start? I was thinking maybe Sensa pens? I do have a local pen shop, but their range is pretty limited. I don't want to go there, pick the best they have to offer, and end up missing out on something better just because they don't stock it. Make sense?

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Uniball Premium Grip

I don't know if they are still available but Uniball (aka Mitsubishi Pencil) made a pen called Premium Grip or the Uniball Signo Premier 207. It was a gel pen with a very soft, squishy, impact absorbing silicon grip. The grip was soft enough to shape itself to the way you gripped it. As for thickness, probably about 12mm or half inch diameter. Cost was about $10.00 I think.

An alternative could be to simply use some kind of grip (commercial or DIY) on a pen that you like.

Bob H.

Uniball Signo Premier 207

You have reminded me that I HAD one of those and it was reasonably decent to write with. I'd forgotten because I started using the Plumpster pretty exclusively, but hopefully I didn't end up lending it to someone at school and never getting it back.

Thank you so much for jogging my memory. :) If I can't find mine, JetPens has them. (Of course, the danger with JetPens is you go 'well, I might as well get free shipping...' and before you know it you have another half dozen things in your cart.)

I have not had a lot of luck with commercial add-on grips or making my own. The best I found were some squishy ones that were comfortable to hold, but also sort of weirdly tacky and so they collected dust like mad, and very quickly just got gross.


My suggestion would be a Sensa. They are discontinued, but you can still buy them in a lot of places. You have to be careful - there are two models, one that takes roller ball refills (I use the Parker gels in mine actually) and one that doesn't. You can tell the difference by looking at the top of the pen. If it is silver and smooth, it will accept the rollerball refills (has a broader hollow section). If it's striped looking, it has a narrower hollow part and only takes ballpoint.


PS - I bought mine from a place called pensnmore on ebay. I literally bought two dozen of them over time. I have given many as gifts. I just checked their website though and they're a lot more expensive than they used to be ($25). Ebay has a bunch around $10....