Suggestions for a 3-ring leather binder/portfolio

Hi everyone! I'm spending a lot of time looking for the right thing... so I thought I'd just ask this group what they thought. I'm looking for a classy-looking, leather binder to organize my papers from several meetings I attend each week. In short, here's what I'm looking for:

1.) It closes somehow (not an "open" binder). I'm not a huge fan of zippers, but that seems to be about the only way they come.

2.) 3-ring 1" binder is preferable. The Day-Timer binders look nice, but I'm not a fan of the 7-ring design. I could go that way if absolutely necessary....

3.) Leather, either tan or black. Personalization isn't necessary.

4.) Can hold a pad of paper. Also hoping for internal organization, like slots for loose paper, pen holders, card holders, etc. Calculator isn't needed... even not desired.

5.) 8.5" by 11" is a MUST.

6.) Under $100.

Any ideas?

SoCal guy

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A couple years ago,I visited a Franklin-Covey store about an hour from my home, and expressed a desire for a compact-paper-size notebook with really huge rings. The employee went in the back room and came out with a binder exactly like what I wanted, but explained it was a discontinued style, and that particular binder belonged to a part-time employee (who was not willing to part with it).

I began searching for it on ebay. A week or two later one showed up, and I bought it. I paid half the retail price for an unused binder, in perfect condition.

Another time I bought a binder on ebay and the rings don't close tightly enough to suit me.

Unfortunately, the

Unfortunately, the Franklin-Covey binders also have 7 rings... so it's not a much better choice than Day-Timer. Maybe that's just the way I'll have to go.

I've seen some binders that I like on Amazon... but they're all upwards of $200.

ebay . . .

ebay might have 3-ring binders, i.e. other brands?
My F.C. story was intended as an example of lucking out on ebay. . .

My favorite fat letter-size leather zip binder with handles was one I bought at K-Mart a decade ago. Lucking out at k-mart. Now it's a vacant building.


Hi SoCal Guy,

Generally a zippered case with a notepad (and optional rings) is what stationers call a 'Portfolio' rather than a 'Planner'.

If you google Portfolio and the preferred size you should get lots of options.

Some of the companies that provide folders etc for conferences have very nice portfolios quite inexpensively, although they're usually Letter or A4 size. While they supply in bulk, some of the companies will sell single folders/portfolios


P.S. This portfolio's is 11 x 13 but it gives you an idea of what's out there

Check Amazon. They have

Check Amazon. They have several 3 ring leather binders in different colors and styles. Price ranges from $40-$95.

3-ring leather binder/portfolio

Here is one by Levenger (Levenger period com) but the $119 price is higher than your sixth requirement of $100 or less, and the zippered model is $149. Colors are either black or saddle.

Leather three-ring binder portfolio
* Slanted D-shaped rings
• One-touch open/close lever
• 1 inch rings can hold up to 150 3-hole punched sheets
• 2 stash file pockets
• 2 card pockets including one with ID window
• Folder-style pocket
• Pen loop
• Leather sheath prevents indentations by rings
• Full-grain leather with contrast stitching
• 10 1/4W x 2D x 11 5/8L

Shipping is additional, but they have several stores. Periodically they have either free shipping with a minumum $100 order or a discount. Right now I believe there is a 10% discount.

Lotsa luck finding what you want.

Claire in Springfield.