I am pretty much addicted to GTD-free but I can't kick the 3x5 habit

I tend to rely heavily on custom Open Office spreadsheets, GTD-Free, and 3x5 cards.

I tried using netbooks, but they're too big and slow. 3x5 is cheap, portable, and robust.

GTD-Free is not really perfect - there are still some features to be added, but I think the bugs are mostly gone.

The obnoxious thing is that so far as I can tell, GTD-Free doesn't do projects and groups of projects. Every single project is a non-ordered list of tasks without sub-tasks.


The good news is that unlike a 3x5, GTD-Free tasks have unlimited writing space. So I can describe subtasks within tasks.

The downside is that David Allen stresses "checking off" the tasks and I can't get that to work the way that would seem intuitive to me. So I just improvise.

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GTD free

I have not heard of the GTDfree concept, but it sounds as though some of it is working for you. Can you go into a little more detail about this? Thanks.