pre-punched 3x5 cards, portrait versus landscape

So I can get 3x5 cards pre-punched in portrait mode. I.e. the holes are in the 3" side.

They feed my addiction.

But I want to make a little filing system. For that I punch them on the 5" side and use a variety of methods.

I have a 6-ring binder. It's very nice, but it takes forever to punch paper.

I have a 2-ring binder. It's addictive, but I try to use it like a notebook and cramp my hand. (Also, it's not a complete binder, just a metal spine that clicks the rings open and closed. It's a *trifle* too large for my pocket, so I end up using it as a desktop scribble pad.) Argh!

I end up putting a single ring through one hole and using the cards as a crude collection device. This is not really suitable for what I want, but I'm a 3x5 card junkie. I'll take what I can get.

One more complication: I like *reading* in portrait mode. I like *writing* in landscape mode. Then I bang my head into the wall.

Ultimately, I end up migrating everything to electronic format, and then I weep, because I'm too lazy to print out the important stuff and punch it so that I can have a perfect pocket filing system.

As a pocket collection Inbox (for GTD) 3x5 cards are great. To actually review anything, I need to put stuff into various electronic formats.

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i think its common for

i think its common for people to utilize 3x5 cards as capture devices. I have seen someone use slips of paper effectively. link

Have you thought of a full size binder with sheets that allow you to view more than one card? perhaps photo holders for 3 by 5 inch photos?

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