Hipster of the Future

I've been running across pocket 3x5 card holders of various designs, and I suspect sales to increase some as more people see Tom Hanks's extensive use of one in The Da Vinci Code. As a writing format, the 3x5 card has been with us for the better part of the last century at least. I have to wonder whether the enhanced interest brought on by the Hipster going will fade in another decade or two. Will the PDA finally rule? What do you think?

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Paper is here to stay

I for one find that I get less effective when I use a PDA, because for me computers are toys, and its a portable computer.

Humble Hipster or Grail of Productivity...

I agree that product placement in films increases sales, however I see no reason to predict the demise of the paper planner. Filofax profits have steadily risen for the last six years. Electronics are useful where large amounts of data need sharing between groups - say sales teams - for others the advantage, if any is nomimal. In my experience electronics mask bad techniques in time management rather than improve matters and we all know PDAs introduce their own set of problems.