GTD-Free is definitely BETA

Until about one hour ago, I was addicted to GTD-Free.

Now it has crashed thoroughly, and its backup procedures and recovery procedures have failed. I scanned through the save files with a hex editor.

Electronic formats can be great, when they work.

When they fail, they can fail harder than paper.

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Ouch, ouch, ouch!

Mucho sympathy.

(This sort of thing is why I refuse to use any writing or notes program that doesn't store its files as .txt or .rtf or something equally as generic.)


I am so sorry for your loss....

Very timely reminder for me, since I am the proud (new) owner of a Droid and am very tempted to convert to an electronic task management system. If I could only figure out a backup system...

All 9 back-up files?????????

Hi - Greetings from sunny South Africa :-) Am about to start using GTD-Free as part of 'my system' and intrigued about your data loss. Investigated possibilities of what could have failed (am using stable and beta versions) and wondering if not a system/hardware malfunction rather than application as unable to understand why all 9 GTD-Free backup files would become unusable? Just my thoughts... Oh, Have tried PDA / PC route as THE system for being organised in MANY variations over several years and in my opinion the ultimate is paper and pencil! Recall a quote that read..."weakest ink (pencil?) is stronger than the strongest memory"... Remember to KEEP SMILING!