Levenger Coupon - Question

I am a huge fan of Circa, and went to the Levenger website today to order a couple of things. I found a great coupon to use (OH3022, $15 off an order of $100 or more) but cannot, for the life of me, figure out where on the Levenger website to enter the coupon and get the discount! There is a field for Promotion Code, but that seems to be specifically from a catalog or email and when I enter a coupon from a web source, no discount shows up in my shopping cart.

Any help, thoughts or indicators of why I can't figure this out would be great! Thanks!

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Go to checkout

Go as far as you can without committing to the purchase.

In my experience, the discout does not show until near the end of the process.

Also, if the coupon code turns out to be no-good, I have heard of folks that call up Customer Service, politely tell them that they placed the order with the expectation of the discount, and end up having Customer Service give them the discount they were expecting.
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