Is the World Abandoning Paper Planning?

Dear Friends: Is it possible that the world of planning has so far tipped toward digital, that we can all look forward to a bonanza of paper products on sale at fire-sale prices? By this I mean that Office Depot and Staples will dump Day Runner, Day Timer, Franklin Covey, and Rollacirca binders and fillers for whatever they will bring. Glad of your help, Steve

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Could be

I saw some compact size (3.75x6.75) DayTimers at Five Below for $5 each
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Even if the big companies

Even if the big companies abandon the mass production of paper planners, everyone with a laser printer will be able to produce customized planner pages.

So we might see a world without Levenger, Franklin-Covey, etc., where individual folks still make their own paper planners out of 3x5 cards.

Notice how 3.75x6.75 is a specialized paper size.

When the big companies stop producing 3x5 cards, THEN I'll be worried about the future of paper planning.

it's just next year's models

I think less people are using paper, but there still are enough that it's not going away. I have seen Franklin Covey, Levenger, and Staples all getting rid of products they are discontinuing on sale so they can make room for the newer versions. Keep an eye out for those.


I think they'll be a little cheaper but not gone

I don't think paper is disappearing all together, but I do think it is being used less so there will probably be some sweet deals on planning tools. I saw a picture recently of the President holding a speech with cross outs and corrections all over it, for some reason your post brought that image back to me. I think paper will always have a use. There will still be artists would paint and draw by hand. People who prefer to brainstorm by hand. And papers that are printed out to be changed, corrected by hand.

I agree about the stock

I agree about the stock clearing. I've seen letter size 2010 packs for as little as $1.85 at Office Depot.