The perfect shop

I have been resisting introducing myself (I'm not sure if I'm a new member - I've been lurking since joinign a few weeks back), but I had the most amazing news I had to share.

The IDEAL shop for the members on this forum just opened where I live (Strathfield, Sydney, Australia).

It is called my sweet memories, and it stocks all sorts of planners and stationary and serves coffee. It is like a book cafe for organisation geeks.

It doesn't have a website yet but keep you posted. Very happy :)

I'll have to try and sneak some pictures of it and send them to those interested.

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Sounds really great!~ I'm

Sounds really great!~

I'm really jealous of people with great stores like that close by. Its over an hour for us to go to Half Priced Books ... they usually have some goodies ^^

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