Filofax Personal using Filofax Computer Paper

I'm new to the site and having trouble navigating around so sorry if this is repeating another thread.
I found this site because I'm interested in creating custom filofax pages for my new filofax. It's less about saving money than designing something unique for my use so I was looking into buying the filofax computer pages for personal size which is pre-perforated.
Has anyone used these and do you know if they come with instructions on how to layout your page? Or are there any templates on this site that use the filofax computer pages?
Also any tips on how to navigate the site to find custom filofax personal size templates woud be great.
Thanks for your help
Kind regards

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Welcome to the site.

Most of the templates on the site use standard paper sizes - like US Letter or A4/A5. If you are using another size, my personal suggestion is to invest in a good paper cutter and hole punch rather that spending your money on paper made for filofax. With the pre-perfed paper, the problem is getting your template to print out in the correct position on the paper. The easier way is to print it onto plain paper, then cut it to size and punch the holes as necessary.

To find what templates are available, start here:
and select the paper size "Other" for non-standard paper sizes. There are a few in there.

The other alternative is to use my Dynamic Templates application.
It can do any paper size.
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