Custom Moleskine Pocket Montly

Since Moleskine does not make a HARD COVER monthly pocket sized planner, I figure I'll make my own. I looked around the site but was unable to find a template where I could print out a monthly calendar (i.e. one month, two pages, week starts on Sunday) to then glue into my Moleskine. Does this exist or do I just need to draw a calendar with a pen and ruler? Thanks.

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It sounds as though you are saying Moleskine makes a soft cover pocket sized planner...why not get one of those and glue it into the hard cover of your choice? Seems easier than doctoring a plain moleskine..

The dynamics have monthlies of varying configurations, I think.


Leather cover for Moleskine

Have you considered a leather cover? The latest Levenger catalog has a wonderful, if pricey, leather cover and pen set that would fit nicely over a Moleskine 5x8" monthly planner. $140 US.

double U double U double U dot levenger dot com
Item : ADS6400
"Soul Skin"