Moleskine Paper Question

Is it just my experience, or has anyone else found that the quality of paper used in Moleskine Cahier notebooks is superior versus Moleskine's regular journals. When I say "regular" I mean their 192 page journals.

Fountain pen ink never bleeds through the paper in my Moleskine Cahiers, but regularly soaks through in my other Moleskine journals. I have both squared & lined page journals where bleeding is a problem. However, I have used dozens of cahiers and have never experienced bleeding.

Different paper quality?


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I have owned cahiers in the past but had not embarked in the world of fountain pens at that point. I despise the regular moleskines paper quality. Your thread has me wanting to run out and try the cahiers again.

Don't Do It

Last night I bought a three pack of Moleskine cahiers. Ink from three of four fountain pens soaked through. Oddly enough, my broad nib pen is the only one that doesn't create a bleed-through problem. My medium and fine nib pens do.

Sadly, I am now saddled with three Moleskine cahiers that I can't use, except with one fountain pen or go back to Unibal gel pens. Very disappointing.

I'm becoming a Clairefontaine guy now. Never a problem with that paper.