Hipster covers/cards by Real Simple at Target

For those who might be interested, I was hunting through my local Target store, in the stationary and office supplies section, for a few ideas on how to put together a simple, yet durable hipster PDA system.

Hanging on a wall was a index card system made by Mead and marketed under the "Real Simple" brand name. I picked up an "index card wheel" which contained 75 cards sandwiched between two covers which had a built in rubber band to wrap around it. The index cards and covers are connected with a single hole in the corner and a 1 inch screw post pin for easily taking the covers off. The index cards have an additional half inch at the posted end, that contains a perforation (you end up getting the full 3x5 card. One side of the card is lined and the other is blank. The top edge of the card is also color coded, and there are three different color codes.

I think the wheel cost $10 and extra card packs were $1.99.

I printed a card using the 1up version and it printed nearly perfectly (half a line was cut off the title page I printed) the first time.

The only thing I noticed is that I will end up putting the system back together after printed "backwards" as I printed on the blank side and that will face the "back" cover. Not a big deal at all.

I've been wanting to do this for some time, butit had to be very easy to put together and very hard for me to lose cards. I think this will do the trick nicely.

(I looked for a link to it online, but only found a similar concept for business cards - but it looks the same, just a different size. http://www.realsimple.com/realsimple/product/0,25451,1180934...)

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Updated Price Listing

- Actually, after checking the price tags again, the index wheel costs $4USD and the refil packs $2USD. I also picked up a packages of stickable business card pockets, thinking they might be useful.

- And I did change out the post pin to a binder ring. Much easier to use.

I can't believe how simple it was and how cheap!

What size binder ring ?

What size binder ring did you use ?
The Mead RingDex uses a one inch ring.

I also use the RealSimple

I also use the RealSimple Index Wheel and I too modified it with a ring binder. I haven't tried printing on the cards yet, primarily because my printer does not like index cards at all.

I also love the RealSimple Card Wheel which holds up to ten cards of the ID/Credit Card size in plastic sleeves. There is also a pocket inside the cover for an additional ID. I slipped my Driver's license in the pocket and put my student ID in the first sleeve, those are the two cards I use the most, and slipped my library card, debit card, insurance cards and a few of my preferred shopper cards in there and replaced the post with a ring binder. It's gotten so much use that the built in band broke and I had to start using a rubber band!

Less is More

I am on my second day as a Hipster PDA user, and am loving it! While at Office Max yesterday I found myself already looking for a ringed cover to hold my Hipster. I found one with 6 rings for about $6 (it also came with "memo" paper). I picked it, then tried to fit it into my shirt pocket. No go! It was then that it hit me....why do I need a cover anyway? For me, the beauty of the Hipster is the ease with which I can whip it out of my pocket and start jotting notes. If I have to carry the cards in my hand, I might as well just go back to using a planner.

But, like I said, I'm a brand new user. My perspective could change in a week. But for now, I like my binder clip.

binder clip vs. binder ring

The luxury of this system is that everyone can customize things just as they like them. For me, a binder clip would be left on a desk somewhere, come off when I didn't want, stay on when I wanted it off and essentially just be a nuisance when I wanted to use my planner. So rings seemed smart. So glad I read that on this site somewhere and then ran across some at the Kinko's store.