Plan Plus for Outlook??

This week I received an email from Franklin Covey offering their Plan Plus for Outlook & Forms Wizard software for the ridiculously low price of $69.95. I find this offer very tempting as it is hard to pass on a 50% off sale.

I continue to utilize both paper and technology in my planning/organizing "system", but can't seem to find "THE one" best method. The Hipster PDA sounds cool, but so does Plan Plus.

Has anyone tried Plan Plus for Outlook? Care to share your experience with it?


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Plan Plus or Paper?

Honestly? I spend sooooooo much time on my computers that to go to nothing but paper based isn't practical. I'm using Plan Plus for Windows versus the Outlook version (ran the 30 day demo on it, but rejected it). The Windows version has a extremely useful database feature where you can import documents and store them directly in the planner. This comes courtesy of the Agilix GoBinder backbone it's structured around and makes looking up the same things easier. I keep the PlanPlus database on a thumb drive that lets me move it from office to home computer easily.

I have almost always dual plannered with an electronic and paper version, just because there are times when it's not useful to fire up the laptop just to look up a phone number or appointment location.

This is exactly what i do

This is exactly what i do to. I have the plan plus for window plus a franklin planner customed with addtitional diy templates. I use a non english version of outlook where plan pluss for outlook isnt compatible. I agree that the database feature is very powerful for storing documents, I plan to set it up as my mine main digital document archive. I sync it on a usb mem stich and move it between home and work in this way. The sync between plan plus and outlook work ok but its easy to get multiple records.

Please recommend

I'm thinking of buying Plan Plus. Do you guys recommend me or not?


I bought it...

Well, if it's any recommendation...I bought it.

But a word of warning - back up your database. The thumb drive I had mine on crashed without warning and I lost it all. Backup, backup, backup.

Outlook - Prints to 3x5 cards very nicely

I've said it before - I'm pretty lazy. I don't even like filling in the blocks of the DIY planner kits daily/monthly pages. If anyone can use this tip: Outlook prints daily pages very nicely to 3x5 cards (turn off the NOTES and TASKS), and the monthly pages printed to 2 pages looks good too.

I exported my Plan Plus for Windows to Outlook to transfer the appointments.

Is this a newer version of

Is this a newer version of Plan Plus because there are many reviews of it on. Google it "plan plus" and "review" and you may find some reports.

I've heard that it causes many outlook crashes.

Make sure you backup your Outlook completely first. Do an export to a PST file of your whole Outlook including subfolders. Make sure your backup works first, then install and try.


NEW PlanPlus for Outlook coming out "in two weeks"

Just got off the phone with Franklin Covey.
A new version of Plan Plus for outlook will be released "in about 2 weeks" which to me means about 9/7/06. Which is probably why they are selling the existing version for le$$, to clear the shelves.

FC has a bad track record of releasing software before it's quite ready for prime time, and may very well be buggy at first.

I have been using PlanPlus for Outlook daily since 10/06,and like it. Fairly robust in its current manifestation, helps with Goal setting in unique ways with wizards that I actually have found helpful, if I'm in the right frame of mind. I have lots going on and have massive lists and a dozen projects in there, and it helps me to consider them more reasonably. But I've lost some functionality since upgrading to Office Small Biz 2003 - and FC tells me that version (up until last month, it was the most robust and priciest Office version) IS NOT SUPPORTED and that PP will not work - at least all features will not work. Which is what I discovered and why I called them today.

What I cannot do is put existing tasks into Projects folders. WHich is ok but kinda ticks me off. Will see if new version fixes it.

Additional beef is that PP will not (yet) port to Windows Mobile 5 smartphones. Perhaps addressed in new version. Watch Franklin Covey web page for details. Additionally, many users, myself included, found syncing to be problematic with Palm devices. I dont use mine anymore, it just wasnt worth it and I use a laptop all day now...

$70 for current version may look really attractive if new version is $150. $70 for current version would let you decide if you like it before paying the difference and upgrading to the new version, while others do the assesment of the initial release. I suggest you get it, as long as you are not running MS Office Small Biz 2003.

I neglected to tell you that

I neglected to tell you that my version of PlanPlus for Outlook is V3.0.7

Plan Plus for Outlook

I have been a regular user of Plan Plus for Outlook for about two years. The software interface is fantastic and there are so many great features for goal setting, daily and weekly planning among others. The power notes feature is incredible. My issue (I removed it from my system)has been the sluggishness that plagues Outlook when it is operating. I also had more frequent Outlook issues and although they tolerable it did cause me enough angst to ditch the software. Quite frankly I have not seen any add on developed for Outlook that works seamlessly and efficiently. (Happpy to be proven wrong) I used the Getting Things Done for Outlook system by Netcentrics and I had heaps of issues!

Just One Tool

Thanks for all of the replies! I decided NOT to buy it. I have come to the realization that Outlook is a tool I use primarily for Email, Contacts, Notes, and sometimes a Master Project List. I prefer the simplicity of writing my calendar items with a pencil (never a pen!) on a piece of paper. Outlook is just one tool in my kit. Just like my cell phone. I could buy a fancy schmancy cellular phone that has a bazillion cool gizmos, but at the end of the day all I really need is a phone to make calls. I used to think I wanted everything in one place. That is not practical for me. Simple is better for me.

Do Not Buy PlanPlus for Outlook!!!!

I have used PlanPlus for Outlook for about 7 years. It has been a life-saver. It is not a great piece of software - in fact it is very flawed. But it is the only thing I have found the faithfully preserves the FC system in Outlook.


If there is any chance that you will be upgrading ever to Outlook 2010, I would recommend not buying this software. The PlanPlus support refuses to acknowledge that they are even planning a release. The say only that there are problems - do they have plans to fix them?

This is news ?

Says so right here: FranklinCovey Link

Technical Specifications
System Requirements
Microsoft Outlook® 2007, 2003, (English only; not compatible with Outlook 2010)

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Plan Plus

I have used Plan Plus for outlook on and off since version 1.0. Franklin Covey has always been horribly slow to release upgrades and to fix glitches. They told me back in June that the patch for compatibility with Outlook 2010 was 2 weeks away. If there was a product that reliably did most of what Plan Plus was supposed to do, I'd get it and drop Plan Plus in a second. It infuriates me how a company based in planning and goal setting can consistently be so remiss.

Send your message to Franklin Covey

I'd send the text of your criticism verbatim to Todd Simon at Franklin Covey. Or call them, ask for him, and read the text of your post to him on the phone. He is the manager of their software products and he should know how right you are.