Electronic to Hipster PDA free idea

I love your concept, and although I won't be embracing it completely, many of your templates fit into my standard-issue military green wheelbook that I use at my job, so I'm inserting them now. I don't know if the idea I'm about to present has been done before (please forgive if it has) but I thought I'd toss it out there.

Once upon a time I was a PHP / MySQL programmer, and I remember that PHP has commands that allow you to "pre-fill" PDF files by effectively assigning a value to the user-defined input fields, based on input into an HTML form. So:

1. Set up a PHP portal site with basic calendar and contact functions.
2. Once you've entered data in the database, when you go to print out certain forms for your hPDA, they are pre-filled with previously entered data. That way, some things (such as contacts) will be in alphabetical order / date order as required.
3. An online setup would allow you to "backup" in case of loss, or simply type something in when you are at a computer.

A really good programmer may even be able to come up with a better conversion software (Outlook -> hPDA)... I don't know if that helps or not, but I figure that I'd at least point out that the option exists.

Thanks for the planner ideas!

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