Request for Clarification: Does one use the Hipster alone ?

Forgive what might be a silly question, but I'd rather ask than be clueless.

After reading and re-reading many DIYPlanner articles and discussions, it occurred to me that the Hipster was not intended as a standalone planner but rather as a more portable supplement to a larger planner.

Is this accurate ?


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HipsterPDA only user here

welcome to the site ygor!

I'd say you're correct and not correct. The hipsterPDA can be used as a standalone system (like the kit I use) or as a suppliment to a larger planner system.

I love my hipster and it's the only planner (if you can even call my kit a planner) system I use. I've got many of the DIY Planner forms inside and they track my writing articles, story ideas, sketches and other miscellany that floats around my head and comes at me during my daily life.

I believe that Merlin Mann (the creator of the HipsterPDA) intended the concept to be an alternative use for a planner. To get away from the heavy and often unused planners and more into a compact and slim and lighter variant of just index cards that could get used more often.

At least, that's what it's helped me do...

Thanks. That helps

Since it could go either way, I am just going to have to experiment some more. I think I can do what I need with a Hipster, but I need to rearrange some habits to do that.

In the meantime, I am experimenting with materials and having a blast.

When I am comfortable about the repeatability of my tinkerings, I will share.

Stay tuned.

"Home Base"

I just started using a Hipster yesterday, and I love it. One of my guiding principles for any planner that I use is that I have to be able to carry it "hands free". I switched to the Pocket Daytimer for that very reason about five years ago. The Hipster is even more portable as I am only holding my cards together with a binder clip. I'm also clipping my "Uniball Vision Micro" pen to the cards as well. The clipped cards and pen easily fit into a shirt pocket or any of my pants pockets. For that reason alone, the Hipster has won huge favor with me. I perform many of my duties "on the fly" (outside the office), so the portability of the Hipster is outstanding.

However, I don't see the Hipster as an "end-all, be-all". Like it or not, I still live largely in an 8.5 x 11" world. Rather than battling that universal truth, I have come to accept it and have adapted. I keep a "home base" for all of the information I jot on my Hipster cards. Letter-sized manila folders, plus some electronic filing serves as that base. I routinely carry files back and forth between my office & home (or off site meetings). For easy transport, I use a simulated leather, three-ring binder that has two gusseted internal pockets that can comfortably hold three or four letter-sized files. The binder also has retractable handles, making it a "one-hander". I would still prefer a "no-hander", but I'm too cheap to buy one with a shoulder strap.

The battle rages on...