Staples Arc (Rollabind) Notebooks

They have arrived on the web site.
Search for "arc".
They are available online now.
They are due to be available in stores on Dec 28th.
They are part of the Staples "M" line.
There are L E A T H E R ones available for $ 14.99 (letter size).
The leather ones are only 3 dollars more than the vinaly ones they were testing previously.
$14.99: Watch out, Levenger.

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I live in the boonies and my Staples is always the last to get anything new (if ever). Just placed an order for the 3 types of junior sized paper offered, with the ship to store option. I'm sure it won't be Levenger quality, but I'll also be able to throw away a sheet or two without wincing.

Anyone know if the Arc

Anyone know if the Arc junior size is true 8.5" x 5.5"? The Rolla junior size notebooks and refills weren't, making them incompatible with Circa.

Compatibility is not just about page size

If the punced hole are the correct size/shape/placement, it will work with the discs. You are talking about compatibility with the covers.
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Yes, there was a problem

Yes, there was a problem with covers when mixing and matching Circa and Rolla paper. Circa paper was too big for the Rolla covers. And you couldn't just cut 8.5x11 paper in half, punch it and use it with the Rolla covers. It required extra trimming to fit. I think the Rolla paper size was 5 1/8" x 8 1/4"

Junior Size OK

According to Staples website, the junior refill pages are 8 1/2 x 5 1/2.

Just purchased the junior

Just purchased the junior size leather arc notebook. It was also on the top shelf and the staff at Staples did not even know what I was talking about. I had to scour the top shelf myself to locate the items.

Pen holder
business card holder
leather notebook good quality for price $10.00

Wish there was a hole punch for these types of notebooks
To do lists not manufactured yet

I ordered the project sheets, dividers and clear pockets. I will also be buying the task pads. The flags were out of stock.


Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to see if Circa/Rollabind is compatible with Arc or not. I will be checking my local Staples to see if they are caring it yet on Thursday.

Not yet

I will be checking my local Staples to see if they are caring it yet on Thursday.

The sneak peek (and the original poster of this thread) says that it will be in the stores on 28 December 2010.
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Junior size are $5 for poly cover, $10 for leather, refills $2 for 50 sheets
Letter is $7 and $15, refills $3 for 50 sheets


  • no blank refill paper, just lined, graph, and "planner"
  • no spare parts - separate covers, discs, or punches
  • The sneak peek at this link hints at lots of nifty inserts and accessories that are not yet shown in the listings.

We shall see. I am semi-tempted to order something, but I think I'd rather wait until they are supposed to show up on the shelves.
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…and the accessories start to appear !

Colored tab dividers, pack of 5 - $2 junior, $3 letter
Pocket dividers, pack of 2 - $2 junior, $3 letter

This is starting to look better :)
search on "arc notebook" at Staples
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Just placed an order

I just placed an order and I found that there are already pieces out of stock. I hope they offer the punch soon.

Wow, that is fast.

I wonder why they are out of stock already. Which items did you find out of stock? I have been planning on purchasing some Arc items but keep putting my order off for other more pressing things. There use to be a nice olive green poly cover available but I noticed they are no longer being shown. I hope they reoffer them, I love the color.

Out of Stock

The plain lined paper for both sizes is out of stock, and the solid poly binders are only showing in blue.

Maybe should be "Not Yet In Stock"

Those could be placeholders set up in advance of the product actually appearing.

One might hope...

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

Received my order today

The only thing I have to compare to is the old Rolla offered by Staples in the past. I have a faux leather one of those. The plastic spine part of the new leather is more substantial on the Arc, as is the leather itself. The two systems are compatible, and the Rollabind 1" disks I ordered work just fine with it. I didn't realize that the poly covers don't have a pen loop. Overall I am pleased. I never invested in Rollabind or Circa because I couldn't justify the price. This I can justify.

Very interesting !

Check it out !
link for the black, letter size, leather notebook.

I selected the 4th image which shows the discs, and zoomed in on them. The Staples "M" logo is in the middle of each disc. It would appear Staples is taking advantage of the unenforcable patents :)
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That is interesting!

I am afraid the prices are going to go up once they start selling them in stores . . . I'm thinking of buying some now, if they aren't compatible with my Circa stuff I can always return them. The leather prices are amazing!

I ordered on Tuesday got and

I ordered on Tuesday got and recieved the Leather ones in the mail yesterday. I am expecting the plastic covers today. I will answer the big question first. Yes they are compatible with the Rollabind/Circa system.

The covers move nicely with bigger smurfs similar to the Levenger products. The paper is punched with old Rollabind style tighter fitting smurfs. The leather is not the ultra plush Levenger quality, but it's not bad and a steal for only 14.99.

The paper is a nice weight that seems to take the ink from my roller ball well. Again not Levenger quality, but better than most notebook paper in my opinion.

The discs are better than the Rollabind with tiny burs if there are any at all. They have the staples M logo in the middle of the ring. Otherwise they are the black 3/4 inch rings I think everyone is used to.

I would definitely recommend this to anyone wanting to take disc binding for a test drive. I fell it is good quality at a great price.

Nice to hear it is compatible

Now I want to see the accessories and parts appear before I throw money at it.
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Do Arc holes (smurfs?) work with alignment of Circa punch? ??

Hello all:
Does a Circa hole punch work with the Arc system. Sounds like the discs work across systems, but that is not my question. My question is: Since Staples does not carry (yet?) a hole punch ... and since I want to use my own custom sheets ... I'd need a hole punch.

Can any of you please let me know if the alignment (distance between holes) works the same between Circa and Arc. (btw ... I have an Arc book with leather cover and refills and I like it ... I simply wish to also make my own sheets and blank sheets.)

Thanks for please replying with details.


Keywords: Staples Arc Circa Levenger Disc binding disc-binding M dimensions

It all works

I just printed and punched a bunch of sheets yesterday. I have the original circa punch (well over ten years old) and the sheets fit perfectly into the ARC notebook I just bought. Not a problem at all.

Got mine yesterday! Wow!

Got my Staples Arc notebooks yesterday. They are great! I got two polycovers and two leather. Watch out, Levenger, indeed! As far as I can tell, there are no accessories available yet.

"To fly, we must have resistance."

How is the stitching on the

How is the stitching on the leather? Is it even? That was my biggest gripe with the Rollabind covers Staples use to sell, they were sloppily sewn together.

Now they have videos !

Staples Link !
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Quite interesting, I hadn't seen the new branding Staples was putting on this. I've purchased two of their Rolla books and have been pleased with them. I bind a lot of my own stuff with Rollabind rings and my Levenger punch but still like the nicer book covers for when I'm out and about. Thanks for posting. I'll look for these in our stores here soon!

Arc notebooks, Staples online, delivered free to local store...

Hi everyone, and thanks to Doug & all for this wonderful site which I found while looking for info on disc notebooks. Boy did I find the right place!

My nearby Staples hasn't heard of Arc yet. I'm going to order a few things online. Just hoping they are seamlessly compatible with Levenger's Circa. Anyone else get a chance to find out yet?

I'll be looking for daily planning templates, letter-sized, 1 or 2 pages per day.

Thanks again, all.

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My Arc experience...

I ordered the following:

Item 1 Qty. Subtotal
Item No.: 886240 Price: $1.99/each
Expected Delivery: 12/08/2010 by UPS 1 $1.99

Item 2 Qty. Subtotal
Item No.: 886275 Price: $1.99/each
Expected Delivery: 12/08/2010 by UPS 1 $1.99

Item 3 Qty. Subtotal
Item No.: 886218 Price: $9.99/each
Expected Delivery: 12/08/2010 by UPS 1 $9.99

Item 4 Qty. Subtotal
Item No.: 886406 Price: $4.99/each
Expected Delivery: 12/08/2010 by UPS 1 $4.99

Item 5 Qty. Subtotal
Item No.: 886231 Price: $1.99/each
Expected Delivery: 12/08/2010 by UPS 2 $3.98

Subtotal: $22.94
Delivery: $9.95
Tax: $1.38

Total: $34.27

The brown "leather" notebook appeared "to me" as a Fantastic vinyl imitation of leather. It was constructed well and sewed nicely. It is too formal for me. Has the feeling of sitting around a board room meeting.

The while poly one with black flowers, I really like. It does not have a pen holder. I originally got it for a journal. However, somewhere on this website is how to make a pen holder out of duct tape. I have done this before and it works fine. I will use white tape or maybe black. I just love the spirit of the little notebook, huh, I mean it appeals to my spirit. :)

The dividers are very nice and come with little white labels.
The paper is pretty good, not as luxury as Levenger, but neither is the price.

The pockets are fine.

I can't wait for the do it lists.

The covers, dividers and pockets are all punched with a slightly larger punch than regular old size. The paper is punched the old way, slightly smaller. But that helps the whole outfit to turn better and the paper stays secure.

I am going to enjoy creating my new notebook. I had given up on Circa, but Doug's article inspired me to try again.

So that is my experience with Staples. Fast delivery. The closest store to me is 30 miles away and in Idaho Winter weather, I will still use Stapes. If you need other stuff, free delivery starts when you order 50.00 or more. How easy is that to do?

I will probably still order from Levenger, they do things so well.



I am surprised by your review of their leather. The website claims it is genuine leather not vinyl . . . Interesting.

Yes, it is leather...

Let's just say that the quality reflects the price. I am looking at it right now and the grain looks pressed. I got a brown one, maybe a black one would be better, FOR ME. I have kind of odd tastes and it will probably be fine, the price certainly is.

You know how you touch the levenger leather and it is soft and feels quality. This one looks great, but the feel isn't as I would like it. I have been sitting here "feeling" the cover and you can tell it is leather.

I did not mean it was not leather. I just meant TO ME it felt different. Sorry.

Also, I like the 3 little slits for pockets and large pocket, very handy.

I am very excited about the Arc M products.



Thanks so much for your reviews. I appreciate them!!

Yes, thanks!

You gave me a precise idea what to expect from Staples :)

First though I'm waiting for the Levenger sample pack.

Then to experiment with printing from the daily planner templates here on this wonderful resource as I uncover a method that works better than the chaotic one I have. Nice to have fellow travelers!
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one. -Einstein

Okay, got me some Arc products!

Bottom line is that pour moi it's good enough for secondary and archive use, but I'll plan to use the quality Circa products for my everyday planner and capture needs.

Can't say a thing bad about the Staples (Arc) products. They're well-made bargains, just not with the heft and sometimes detail you pay handsomely for with Levenger, eg. the thickness of covers and pocket diveders, the rounded corners on some items like the tab dividers are not there.

Most people wouldn't give a rat's ass about these minutiae or, for example, that the Arc branding is just a bit more prominent and less minimalist, and that the Arc Cornell notepaper is cluttered with extraneous "directions", dammit. Those people have better mental health than I do.

I'm not finicky about most things, but I've lately felt that if, as far as is possible, I make my planner and GTD set-up a maximally elegantly-functional item, I'll be more likely to use it to keep my life on track and make progress towards my goals. We'll see.

To that end, I'm even eyeing the $22 1" aluminum discs -- is that wrong? ;)
Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one.
- Albert E.

In store!

I was just in my Staples store (Hagerstown, MD) and they were setting up the display, including the little accessories seen in the pictures. Of course, I had to dig through and pick out a few things. The employees seemed to be pretty excited about the products and said the manager was already using one. I pulled mine out of my bag and was showing them how I use it. I asked about the punch, but they didn't know if Staples was going to be carrying it. I can hope. If it is the little portable one I don't think I'll be interested.

Any other sightings?

(Sightings) Sorta, kinda...

I checked my local Staples (Waldorf, MD) and they were totally clueless, but the web pages say that they have it in stock.
I printed them out and will try again tomorrow.
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Order online

My Staples (Iowa) supposedly has them in stock too, but they don't -- just the old rolla notebooks (very battered by now). They DO, however, have free delivery to the store so I went online and ordered two plastic cover notebooks (the one with the black floral spray across the covers), some graph and lined refill papers, dividers and pockets for around $21 total. All but the lined refill paper was delivered the next day. It took 2 days to get the lined refill paper packs. I am well pleased. All the products are well-made and the paper is so smooth and takes my fountain pens without a hint of show-through on the other side. I don't like disc notebooks as "everyday carry" -- too fragile. But these will make a great budget notebook for 2011 and a great journal. I am really tickled to get such quality products so quickly and inexpensively! Hopefully, these will stay around.

$13.95 plus tax and you are set

I was pleased to find the Arc products in both of the Staples near me, but one had the stuff on the upper, storage shelf and I had to pester an employee until they located the item I wanted.

$13.95 (before sales tax) gets you

  • a junior size notebook with 60 pages of heavy, lined paper and a poly cover
  • five poly dividers in five colors
  • two poly pocket dividers
  • a set of page flags
  • three task pads, each with 50 sheets

When I put it all together, the discs were comfortably full. They appear to be the same size as Rollabind large discs.

While I did not buy them, I did check out the leather cover notebooks. They are much nicer than the previous Rolla notebooks. They seem to be built very solid and sturdy.

That's the positive stuff.

Now for the negative:
I'd like to see Staples add:

  • unlined paper
  • punches
  • discs
  • covers

to the product line. Pre-configured notebooks are nice to get started, but you need access to the pieces to be able to customize your notebook.

All the products have the "M" logo on them, and the labels all say "Made in China" except the task pads which are made in Singapore. I would guess that Rollabind had absolutely no part in the making of these products. They look better than Rollabind products, but not quite as good as Levenger/Circa.

Overall, I'd say it looks very promising.
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get discs for cheap

I know Ygor would like to see some of the discs for sale.
Here's an idea...go to the store and ask for a deeper discounted price for the old Rolla notebooks. I picked up 2 junior size and 1 letter for $10.07. I really wasn't impressed with the covers BUT...I now have extra rings, dividers, paper, and pockets.
Long live hacking! Whoo-hoo!

ARC lover

I just got the ARC for my early BD gift....i love it. cant wait for all the new stuff to go with it to come.

for now i will design my own planner pages for use on this.

A Modest Proposal

Forget about ARC. Buy a 3-ring binder with 1-in. rings (or larger if you want). Buy a package of tabbed dividers with pockets (that way, you get the tabs and the pocket dividers together). Buy a package of 3-hole punched lined paper and another of blank paper. Print out beaucoup forms from diy planner. If you must, buy a 3-hole punch, a lot cheaper and more readily available than other specialized ones. If you are right-handed, print forms and write on the recto; or if left-handed on the verso side. If you want to be really luxe, buy a portfolio/padfolio to keep your 3-ring notebook.


and we shall eat babies for lunch!


many of us choose to be super deluxe and use the disc bound planner.
Yes, a ring binder might be simpler, but I prefer the disc "binder".

Everyone has their opinions and preferences. I respect yours and thank you for expressing it here in a way that promotes intelligent communication.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

it was satire!

a modest proposal? remember? that satire thing? come one, remember lit class?
Its funny in that light. of course no one here would ever go back to the 3-ring! at least, not unless its for archival purposes. eventually, after the rings get too tight.

Well, exsqueeze me !

That 's what I use emoticons for


But seriously, some folks do not want to mess with the discs and all.
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***

not in NJ

the store had 2 rolla notebooks long ago; none now, no new arc ones neither.
the workers don't even know what they are.

Arc website and videos

FYI, in case you haven't seen this. Staples has a section of their website dedicated to promoting Arc. It features four videos from various people who use the system. It also has links to all the merchandise.

Check online, ask to see it

I checked at, all the local Staples have it in stock, but the nearest one did not have any on display. I got an employee to admit they have had it, but had not received instructions on how to set the display yet, so I insisted he show me what they had in storage. Ended up purchasing some Task pads.

I bought some too

I found a small but decent selection at the Woodland, CA store and a slightly smaller selection at the new Chico, CA store last week.

I bought one set of tab dividers, one set of pockets, one packet of lined paper and one packet of to do lists, and one poly notebook (blue), all Junior size. I have taken the poly notebook apart and used the covers for my daily planner (with 1.5" Circa discs) because the covers are slightly larger than Circa poly covers and protect all my pages better.

I reassembled my two old Staples Rollabind notebooks (one pressboard, one pleather) and now I feel free to use those cheap notebooks and their too short pages for any old throwaway notes, it will be so cheap and easy to replace them!

I'm very happy with the Staples Arc system and happy to blend it into my existing Levenger Circa system.

How is the paper?

Is it as thirsty as the Levenger paper? That is nice and heavy but my easy flowing fountain pens will blead right through it.

Pilot Varsity Works

The only fountain pens I've ever used are the Pilot Varsity disposables. They are the pens I use for my ARC journal notebook and I haven't had any bleed-through. Not sure how it would work for other fountain pens.

Review of Arc

I posted a detailed review last week and it was flagged and lost in SPAMland. So here it goes again.

I am very happy with Arc overall. I picked up a green and blue junior notebook, junior refill paper, page flags and task pads with a 20% off coupon I had. My Staples store (Sacramento, CA) had a decent selection and everything was located on the shelves next to the Mead Five-Star flex notebooks.

pros: Paper quality is nice. It's a tad bit lighter weight than Levenger paper, though it's barely noticeable.
cons: I don't like the box/border around the lines, which feels confining to me. The logo is larger than I'd like it to be.

The punches on the poly cover are the same size as Levenger's. Arc's smurfs on its paper are smaller so the pages don't turn as nicely. I did, however, stick an Arc page into my Levenger punch* and it came out with perfect Circa-sized smurfs. I can't tell with my naked eye if the discs are different... perhaps someone else can weigh in?

*I recently exchanged my 2006-era Levenger punch for the new, improved one and it's wonderful. I LOVE Levenger customer service.

pros: Nice, sturdy covers comparable to Levenger covers. I love the olive green color. Wish they came in clear because I like using pretty paper for my covers.

distinctions: Arc covers are larger than Circa's. They are roughly 1/5" longer and 2/5" wider. The same goes for the pocket divider and tabs, which means they won't fit neatly into a Circa cover. I've always thought, though, that Circa covers should be a tad bit larger. Arc's rounded corners are smaller than Circa's.

Smurfs on the poly backing are the same large size as Levenger's. I've never used the comparable Circa Annotator because I can't justify the hefty $16. I'll gladly spend $1.99 for Arc though. I haven't used the Arc flags so I can't comment on the stickiness. I like that the poly backing can double as a page finder (which I constantly break or lose) once all the flags have been used.

Paper quality is fine for its purpose. The Arc task pads have a tab at the top, which is nice to use as a heading or page finder. The smurfs on Arc's task pads are small... even smaller than the smurfs on their regular paper. A run through the Levenger punch (set the punch at Letter size to line up the holes) fixes the problem.

I like Levenger's blue design more than Arc's plain gray. Arc has its large logo at the bottom on both sides whereas Levenger has a barely there logo and phone number on the back side. At $2.99 (vs. $17*) I can't complain too much about Arc's design flaws.

*A Chicago friend got me the Circa task pads for my birthday a couple years ago. (What do you want that you would never get for yourself?!) I've been using them sparingly because I didn't want to use them up!

OVERALL IMPRESSIONS: I like Arc a lot and see myself integrating what I can use into my Circa system. Whatever design flaws they have is made up by much lower prices. I can use Arc (after a run through my Levenger punch, though it'd be nice if they were punched correctly to begin with) for a lot of things. I am, however, deeply wedded to the Cornell notes layout for my letter-sized notebooks and will be sticking with Levenger for that.

I hope Arc comes out with more pages/refill options. A calendar/agenda would be nice, though that's the one thing I rely on more than anything else so I may not be as forgiving with design flaws.

Smaller smurfs are preferable

Great review; however, I beg to differ on one point. I LOVE that the covers/dividers/pockets have bigger smurfs but the paper has smaller smurfs. I got so irritated with all the slippage with Levenger paper. I find the Arc paper's smaller holes make turning easier.

That said, I don't find any smurfed paper from any vendor sturdy enough for everyday carry (such as using it for a planner). The smurfs bend up and tear too easily on anything less than cardstock and it's just too tedious to slowly/carefully turn the pages so the smurfs all stay nice. I ended buying ARC notebooks only because they're cheaper than the heavier paper spiral notebooks I'd been using. I use them, one for financial records and one as a journal. They stay on my desk at home and don't get their pages turned very often. On that basis, I'm happy with them, and I love the reasonable prices at Staples (dot) com.

i splurged

On the way back from our holiday visits, I convinced my partner-in-crime to stop at Staples.
I picked up a letter size ARC in brown (the only one there) and a junior in the old Rolla which was on clearance.
I got the new to do list letter sized refill and some tabs.

I hope to utilize one as my Book-Book. Keeping track of what I read - dates, notes, etc. :) I'm not sure which size to use but that's an entirely different problem now :)

Has anyone seen the graph paper refills? How dark is the grid?

--> my blog <--

All Things ARC

Dear Friends: I have been to Staples at Green St. in Woodbridge, N.J. on Rte 1S, and I picked up the one filler that the other Staples did not have. This was "Project Planner." I asked a saleswoman for help with the ARC Customizable Notebook System. She replied, "I am not aware of that." Naturally, I found the missing filler paper in the store.

The other Staples is at Prince St. on Rte 1N in Edison, N.J. They have ARC notebooks, fillers, and supplies, except for "Project Planning."

The one thing of interest at both Staples, and maybe Staples everywhere, is that they are having a sell-out of all TOPS-products goods. Of interest to me were pads of ruled paper, powder blue or project ruled. "Project" as in ARC, but unpunched. The price for each kind is 60c per pad if you buy five or more. Years ago, I put in a supply of pads of canary, pink, and green. Now I have blue to help organize my work. I hear that TOPS has "ivory" and "orchid."

ARC Project Planning Forms

It is interesting that the ARC project planning forms resemble the Cornell note-taking pages. On the right is a lined space for project notes. On the left is an unlined space for tasks. At the bottom is an unlined space for comments. What is one to make of these three spaces in the ARC project planning sheet? How is one to use them in comparison with DIY Project Tracker? Can any one give me some guidance?

key words

I purchased a project planning notebook at Office Depot a few years ago (because it was teal and had flowers on the cover) and it had the exact same page layout. You write whatever notes you want on the lines, you use the box to highlight key words or tasks related to those notes and you use the box along the bottom for anything you need to draw attention to, whether its an action item, a follow up, a waiting for, or a deadline.

I love Cornell/Annotated pages and I have simplified my planner down to either lined pages, lined pages with a simple margin, or Cornell pages (without the bottom box) for everything. I have discovered that I can use one of those 3 formats for just about anything and any situation, I don't need any forms anymore (but I still like to come here and look at everyone's templates, just in case). :)

ARC project pages


I took a tip from David Allen's Getting it Done in regards to the ARC project pages. He says, When you have an idea for a project or issue write it down the title or subject. This can be done in the blank row next to the date at the top of the page.

Next in the comments sections write down in a sentence or two what the desired outcome will be.

Then write down the next physical step in the Action Notes section.

In the project notes section I write down phone numbers, projected costs, maintenance items, general notes etc.. Hope this helps.

Smead Project Organizer

This is off-ARC topic. It concerns interesting project organizers from Smead and available from Costco. They cost $5.44 plus tax, shipping paid. I got two. These take the form of a double-weight cardstock cover in "lake blue" woth 10 pages of powder blue cardstock. The pages are pocket dividers. The intent is for these organizers to accomodate single projects. The inside front cover is printed "Project," "Project Description," Date," "Task/Action/Followup," Start Date," "Completion Date," and "Project Contacts." The pocket dividers are printed "Notes." I have seen these at Staples and Office Depot for $15. They are of such high quality and available for a limited time that I thought I would bring them to your attention.

Like this...?

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***


The very one.

Are they available in store?

Are they available in store? We are planning a Costco trip in the next couple of days. Thanks for sharing!

I Think Not

But they are only $5.44 each plus tax, shipping prepaid. You can't go wrong. Although each seems designed for one project, my projects are so modest that I can fit 10 of my projects into the the divider pages and use postit notes to label each without defiling organizer pages. With a few of these, I can follow David Allen's dictum that you should make a Federal case out of everything.

Very spiffy!

Very spiffy indeed.

as Jimmy Carter might say

I have lust in my heart, for that Smead folder. Also, for the Smead stand up organizer that Office Depot sells. It's made of cardboard, but it hold file folders in staggered pockets so you can see them all. I am resisting the urge to buy it, but it feels inevitable somehow.

Gosh, I'm grateful to have a place where I can safely discuss these desires....

Share the Lust

Please share further details about the Smead stand-up organizer from Office Depot. On-line or in-store? Do you have a product name?

Is this the product ?
"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson) ***


That's it exactly. I currently have a desktop thingy that holds a few hanging files, with one folder in each file, but the Smead organizer makes it easier to see each file. Downside, it is kind of big and unattractive on a desktop.

Some off desk

Some off desk alternatives:

It does grip and takes quite a bit of weight without letting go. I have one and have not yet had it fall off the desk. Perhaps a bit small though.

Effective provided you have the place to hang it and don't object to the colourful plastic look.

Bob H.

Lusting too

Oh that's a lovely gee-gaw isn't it?
But I know myself too well, that Organizer would start off looking great and then it would end up overstuffed, bursting at the seams and dusty.
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

Is this also tempting?

While we are off topic, I thought I would share my recent purchase:

There are several types of these tub files which open from the top, instead of the front, a much more convenient approach to accessing frequently used files since you can access the entire cabinet at once. Nine has wheels, another convenience.

Of course, the point is that it is much bigger than a desk organizer and holds an entire drawer full of files.

I Have Incubated One of These for a Long Time

I have a 3-ft. collection of vinyl records of classical music. These are lined up on edge in a cabinet in the family room. It is hard to pull them all out to look at them and play them. With one of these tubs, I could have it on the floor in the family room and finger through the records. I have already offended my wife by buying "the structure." This is a six-foot rotating tower that contains four sides of audio CD's and video DVD's. I fear she will put her foot down at a tub.

Vinyl Storage

*blush* I have 4 ft of vinyl. They are straight on the shelves, apart from the 7"es which are in a special divided crate that fits into the shelf, allowing it to be pulled out and all the 7" vinyl records flipped through. It is a 7ft x 4ft pine book case, one half of a twinset. Two 4ft shelf spaces are devoted to double rows of CDs. Thank goodness for the invention of CD ripping and iPods, or we would have had to purchase another shelf!
I found tub storage just did not work for my vinyl!
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...


Impressive - I'll take the 2 drawer version.

More seriously, does it get too heavy to move on those castor wheels when full?

Bob H.

Got mine!

My ADOC book got eaten by my sister's puppy over Christmas, and I don't seem to be able to find anywhere to order ADOC to the US anymore. I was about to spend way too much money order one from Myndology when I saw this post.

I went to Staples in Chicago (Pulaski & Lawrence) and they had a whole big display of these. They're so cheap! I got a $10 leather junior size and then grabbed a $5 vinyl covered book as well for the heck of it, plus this little pad of "task pads" (to do list sized paper) to go with them. I also would have gotten plastic dividers for $2 if I hadn't made my own dividers a while ago.

I have a bunch of adoc and myndology paper that I'm hoping I can still use with these discs, but if they're too tight I've got a Circa portable punch to make the other kind of smurfs with.

It took a lot of willpower to not buy way more stuff than I needed, for these prices. :)

Punch is coming...

A couple of days ago they announced on their facebook page that a punch and different sized discs are coming. Looks like Staples is getting into this business big time.

Of course, I find this out AFTER I bought a Levenger punch on ebay. Yeesh.

Went to Staples San Rafael,

Went to Staples San Rafael, CA around December 28 and found lots of Arc product on shelves there.
Question I have is:
Is there a punch for these - I have Circa punch already bu just curious

Is there a 4x6 style planned?
I committed to 4x6 booklets using index cards I print myself and having leather Arc products to dress these up would be fantastic.

Arc agenda pages and other accessories

Just noticed that calendar/agenda pages are now available. It comes in classic ($9.99) and letter size ($12.99). I'm hoping this will prove to be a cheaper alternative to Circa agenda refills, which I've spent a pretty penny on for years.

The website also includes new accessories such as a business card holder, poly zip pockets and rings!

p.s. I'm not linking to these items b/c I don't want my post to be flagged as spam.