recovering gadgeteer

Greetings. I am a recovering gadgeteer. I've had a Palm PDA (one version or another) for around seven years, and I suddenly came to the realization, after discovering this website and Lifehacker, that I only use it for Solitaire, the phone book, and a calendar. My inner cheapskate slapped its metaphorical forehead at the idea of $400 for a device that is easily replaced by index cards.

For the past three or four weeks, I have been employing the Hipster PDA on 4x6 index cards (3x5 won't work on any printers to which I have access.) I'm still getting acquainted with the system, but so far, I am pleased with the results.

I also purchased a FranklinCovey Compact leather planner on eBay. I need to buy a hole punch for it, and when that comes in the mail, I will see if I can use it with the DIY*Planner effectively. We'll see.

But thanks to this site and Lifehacker, I am simplifying my life one useless gadget at a time.

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Welcome Home!

I, too, have recently seen the err of my ways. My PDA had become nothing more than an address book and game boy. I just started using the Hipster this week, and I supplement it with a form of file transport. For now it's working...