Has anyone here owned a Levenger Circa Master Folio? The thick one.

I am curious if anyone has owned the Circa notebook that can fit 1.5 inch discs? I am thinking of getting one for my home/food organizer for next year but I can find very little feedback on them when googling. I would love you opinions, thanks!

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Circa Master Folio

I bought the zip Circa Master Folio thinking it was going to be the ultimate organizing tool. Not. Turns out, it comes with the 1.5" disc and is not really thick enough to handle them. I sent the first one back, got another and have the same problem. It looks the same width of my regular folio, that was designed for 1" discs. I should probably send this one back and try again. Another issue: it is extremely heavy. I would love to find a zip folio that is lighter weight.

My comment about the master zip folio may still be on levenger's web site .. will check it out. One thing about them .. they are very good about returns if you don't like something.