Rollabind protective sheets for my circa notebook?

I see that Rollabind has a much better price on their protective sheets than Levenger circa. I'm thinking of stocking up on a bunch for my medical records letter size circa notebook. Anyone used them and want to comment on the quality?

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Well .. no one ever

Well .. no one ever commented so I may be the only user of plastic protective cover sheets in the levenger/rollabind world. I am using them to put in printed medical lab results . I imagine this forum is too young to have many with chronic disease, LOL. Anyway I order a bunch from Rollabind. Actually they may have sent me a second batch as well by mistake. The first batch was disappointing: the sheets don't really hold an 8.5x11 piece of paper !! The paper is too wide to lie flat, so has a bit of a roll that turns into a pleat. NOT ACCEPTABLE. I will soon try the other batch.

They are a bizarre business . I call and never get a return call.

Bottom line: protective covers for individual sheets are great for things that get handled a lot, need to be easily removed and which you don't want to or can't punch, because of the margins etc. Why isn't there a better solution? Does anyone know of a protective cover with a left margin that can be PUNCHED with my levenger punch?


I purchased Rolla pockets before Staples discontinued them and I had the same problem, they were too small for an 81/2 x 11 sheet of paper. I returned them to Staples and bought a packet of 5 multicolored one sided plastic pockets (I think they were Avery brand) and punched them with my Circa punch. One Circa smurf is very close to one of the standard punched 3 holes, but I've had no problem using the pockets in my Circa notebook. I think I have a test punched sheet protector around here somewhere, but I never used it for anything. Perhaps you can try that? Check a local retailer to see if they have letter size sheet protectors in the Day Runner/Day Timer/Franklin stuff, those might be heavier than the boxes of 100 sold in the other sections.

sheet protctors .. more

So diamond, am I correct that you took a 3-ring punched item and re-punched with you circa punch? (Wish they had "margined" but unpunched.) I'll give that a try .. please let me know if I'm reading your post correctly.



That's exactly what I did. Avery Assorted binder pockets, to be specific. Also, 1 - 31 tabs and Jan - Dec tabs, probably also the Avery brand, the ones with the brightly colored tabs that are kind of plastic. I carefully Circa punched them all to create a massive tickler/project binder. Circa smurfs are .25" deep, standard 3 hole punches are from .25 to .50 in the margin, so you can have both on one margin. Try it with a piece of paper or card stock. :)

I also Circa punched Classic size Franklin monthly tabs and it works just fine in my Circa planner. One of the holes is close to one of the smurfs, but I have no problems with it.

im using what i have lying

im using what i have lying around.
not only can i punch where the 3-hole punch has already make the holes, but i can also cut off the edge and punch the pouch part itself - though then i have to cut the paper a bit. or punch with the paper - if you dont expect to have to take the page out soon, why not?

Rolla protective sheets not wide enough

I've compared the rollabind protective sheets to C-line and the paper-holding portion of rolla is 1/8"+ more narrow and that's why the paper curls. Geesh .. I called rolla and after many attempts reached someone who said someone in "production" would get back to me. So far, nothing. Yes .. three holed can be repunched but would love to find an unpunched with the same left hand margin. Anyone know where I could find them?