Creating my system: How to capture a day in a productivity system?

Using a Levenger puncher & circa journal, I aim to craft my own sketch/productivity/reflection journal. Left side of the page should, at the end of the day, provide me with a snapshot of what I did i.e. to-dos, notes and some personal metrics i.e. bedtime, wake up. Right side for sketching. My #1 motivator for this setup is nostalgia. To be able to look back on a date, and get a snapshot of how I spend my day.

Now, how to design the left side of the page a la David Seah's work. Hm...

Anyone else create a similar system?

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Circa Planner

My system isn't perfect -- it's still a work in progress. I use a junior sized circa system that's loaded with a 2page/week planner. I then have a series of smaller circa pages printed on different colored paper stock that I use for detailed daily journals. One is a food diary. Another has 4 columns: the time (8:00am - 8:00pm in one hour increments), my schedule/appointments, and a column for "What I actually did". The final column is a small column for checking off how many 'pomodoros' I did for a given task.
When I feel overwhelmed, this journal helps me track my time and the Pomodoros keep me focused. (Just google 'Pomodoro Technique' -- it's great!)