FP Friendly Wirebound Planner

I may be searching for something that does not exist, but I thought I would throw it out to this group for help.

For years I carried a Daytimer Pocket planner. One staplebound monthly calendar, plus a separate wirebound daily booklet for each month. It met my needs until I started switching planners (coincidentally about the same time I started frequenting this site. Hmmmm).

Anyway, now that I am using fountain pens 100% of the time, I have discovered that these Daytimer wirebound booklets are not fountain pen friendly. I'm wondering if anyone makes this product with fountain pen friendly paper (no bleeding).

I have found a source for fountain pen friendly staplebound month at a glance booklets (Quo Vadis), but its the wirebound portion of the system that leaves me scratching my head.

Can anyone help me on this quest?


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I would suggest asking over at the Fountain Pen Network. I am not sure how many folks here use fountain pens, but everyone at FPN does !
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Good Idea

I am a member at FPN, and will post it there as well.


Fountain pens lovers love

Fountain pens lovers love Rhodia :) Here's a review of the Rhodia planner: LINK

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