GTD and Daily Notes

I need your advice....

The new year is coming and I'm looking to improve/streamline my planning system

I'm moving away from my traditional paper planner to a "blended" system using my new smartphone (contacts, appointments) and a paper planner. I still have some tasks that must be done on certain days and appointments, which are handled (mostly) on my electronic calendar. some "must do now" issues do come up each day. The two page per day format I've been using is overkill at this point, however, I rely on the daily notes pages to track what I'm up to, document personnel issues, etc. Plus, I like writing, I seem to relate better when I write my notes down versus type them in to the computer.

I'm looking for ideas on how best to keep my daily notes easily accessible but not have multiple calendars. I think I may be suffering from "too-many-choices"-itis.

Thanks in advance.

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My special blend

While I don't use GTD, I do use a blended system, with appointments and contacts in the smart phone, and daily notes in my circa notebook.

There are no sections to my notebook, per se. I list all of my main projects and their main activities on a separate colored sheet of paper. This main project sheets gets updated every 2-3 weeks, and "travels" with me through the circa notebook. For daily notes, I just start where I left off the day before, listing the date. Then I list any "Must Do's" for the day. I may jot down that day's schedule, if it's going to be a particularly grueling one, just to keep me focused.

The transition to a blended system took a few months for me. Now, I am very, very comfortable -- and there is less and less that fall through the cracks. I realize now that a blended system mirrors who I am as a planner anyway -- someone who likes bright, shiny new techie things and who needs to write in order to stay organized.

daily page

Do you miss having the daily page with the calendar and the task list in your planner? I guess I've been stuck on the same paradigm for so long, it's hard to get un-stuck.

I did at first

I did miss being able to see my entire day in front of me when I opened my planner. It is getting easier to "trust" my smartphone to have my calendar available when I need it. I have no problem re-writing tasks that carry day-to-day if only to imprint them in my brain.

The only problem now is how to capture emerging tasks when my circa notebook is not convenient or when I'm at home. I've learned in those instances to use the smartphone to email myself a note and not open it until I am near my notebook.

This blended process has worked very well for me in my work life, and enables me to integrate my personal and work calendars and contacts. However, I have to still figure out how to better integrate my work and personal tasks.

Thank you

Your explanation gives me hope ;-) A clean, non-redundant system is possible.

I'm a little concerned about making sure I have a backup of what is in my smart phone against the day it goes brick on me, but I don't think that will be nearly as angst-filled a process as giving up my old, familiar 2-page-per-day layout.

backing up


I have Google calendars set up, and also outlook calendar (for work). Outlook sends back and forth to google, and google sends back and forth to my phone. I also synch contacts from phone to google and back.

I have several google calendars. One for me, one for my spouse, one for the kids. Spouse has some other calendars that he shares with me. My mom has a calendar she shares with me.

Only the main google calendar sends to outlook and back.

In this way, the phone is never the sole source of anything.

I must say, I *really* like Google Calendars for keeping things separate and yet being able to view them all together. Love it. And of course with an Android phone synching to google is simplicity itself.