Help with portable punch

I cannot get it to line up correctly. How should I line up my paper against the guide to get the holes to punch in the correct place. If I line up my paper at the 9" mark the holes "sit" too high. If I line up my page at the 8.5" mark the holes "sit" too low. What's the point of the guide markings if I have to adjust and mark my own lines? Help a sister out please! Thanks!

Using Junior sized (5.5 x 8.5 basic lined ruled paper)

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I've found that, for Junior

I've found that, for Junior size, the best alignment is to adjust the paper so that both the edges *just* don't overlap with a punch location. If you do it right, both edges will sit right up but not overlap with the wholes.



When you understand that the holes are a metric distance apart (25mm, I think, which is not exactly an inch) you'll understand why they are unpredictable when punching non-metric paper.

The point of marking your own lines is to have it the way you want it. What anyone else thinks you ought to use is irrelevant. :)


Problem Solved

I contacted Levenger with my issue and after working with one of the representatives they ended up sending my a new punch with the new markings. That made a world of difference. Now my holes are where they are supposed to be. Yippee!!!