2011 - Are you ready?

How is everyone doing on getting ready for the new year?
My current planner calendar is just about finished and I am contemplating whether to keep using a Moleskine or even re-using the one I have. Has anyone ever re-bound a Moleskine cover?

Note- I have already read the excellent instructions on this website about making a book from scratch. I'm simply looking for any tips or hints on reusing my moleskine cover.

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Ready for 2011


I've been ready for 2011 for a month or so. I've got my A6 size month-to-a-view calendar planner and a A6 notebook that's my task manager and the home of my personal lists.

My 'at work' planner is Outlook and an A5 notebook -all set up and already in use.
(I'm less interested in forms etc and more in the thought processes I use around planning. So my planner is minimalist)

No, I haven't rebound a Moleskine cover. Sorry I can't help with that