Ebay Levenger Outlet?

Hey guys
I know Levenger ebay outlet store doesn't ship to Canada but i am wondering if anyone knows if they would allow me to pay through paypal and ship to a US address?

There's no way to contact the seller so its hard to figure out.

They have some 'essential pocket briefcase' that came up for auction and i wanted to get some for a few people and some of them are in US itself.

If they allow this payment and ship method then i have to find someone in US who can accept the package and then ship to me.

Any inputs appreciated. Its just that the levenger.com is very expensive compared to this.


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I think i found the answer

I think i found the answer - i can buy it from here, but have to get it shipped somewhere in US.

Now i just have to find someone who can accept it and ship it to me here haha!!

Hmm...i should have bought the place in Miami last year when it was selling for cheap, i would have created a US address lol!!