Levenger or Rollabind Hole Punch

I don't think I can wait for Staples to start selling a punch for the ring binders. Anyone out there have both a Rollabind and Levenger punch that can tell me the pros and cons of each?


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my only experience is with Rollabind

Hi, Debby!
I've only had experience with the Rollabind and it's okay. In my experience, you have to pay attention to pushing the paper ALL THE WAY BACK, otherwise it will punch fine on half the holes and the other half are too shallow.
Hope this helps!

i have the same problem!

i have the circa desk punch, and i have that problem too. One side, if im not careful, will not go all the way in. then i have to use tape and re-punch.
I think its just because there are a lot of metal edges to catch on, and its a tight fit.

Don't waste your time/money on the plastic one

It can (maybe) punch one whole thickness of paper at a time :P

At a minimum, you want the Rollabind PBS 500/Circa Portable Punch, if you can swing it, you want a PBS 1000/Circa Desk Punch

There are two problems:

  1. These punches are a bit pricey, but there are no substitutes
  2. While the Rollabind punches are a bit less cost, Rollabind is notorious for their unreliability. There are way too many posts on this forum about folks placing orders and then waiting weeks/months before actually (if at all) receiving their merchandise.

I got my first punch from eBay. I would suggest setting up a saved search with email notification. That's how I scored my Smurf-Zilla (That's a PBS 2000/Circa Maximus!)

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After I posted this....

...I went back through the postings and saw that Rollabind is hit or miss with delivering punches. I guess I'll save myself the aggravation and just buy from Levenger. If I can get something to settlement this week I can even use the coupon code!


if u r going to boston

if u r going to boston anytime soon, go to their store. i got my punch there - it was full price, but i got 2 free notebooks for going to the store. Also, they helped me learn how to use it (though i didnt need that because id been following this site for so long), and were just very helpful.
that said, i did also find, too late, that one of the items i got was slashed due to a careless box cutter. im going back soon, and im gonna see about getting a undamaged one (its been half a year, so not sure).
but yeah, the punch is this pretty green color, very heavy. VERY heavy.

did anyone's punch break?

i noticed that there are just 2 side bolts for the punch. I was lifting it off the shelf by the top, and i realized how much pressure is on those 2 little pieces of metal, with pushing down on those huge springs. It hurts my palm; how much pressure must be on the metal bits?
so, anyone had a punch, any paper punch, break? like anywhere?

The bigun


I have punched some stuff in my desk punch that was waaaaay too tough for the punches to go through (very thick plastic, had to use an xacto to get the stuff out of the punch dies). During this process I put the punch on the floor and put my body weight on it (like with a knee so I wouldn't fall and hurt myself :). I even tried to bounce on it to get the punch heads to cut the stuff. I am not a featherweight.

The punch survived the abuse just fine. Even the punch heads were fine. Took me a while to get all the bits of plastic out, though, and I was worried in the middle of the process that I wouldn't be able to get it out--the punch heads were stuck in the plastic and even the strong springs couldn't get them back out.

If you break one, either you're abusing it even more, or you have a defective part.

Mine is a rolla model, not levenger. I believe both are built to the same toughness, just one has an extra punch head.

Can't really speak to the portable punch as I sold mine after I got the desk model, but I believe it too is quite tough. The plastic one-sheet model isn't going to be near as tough, I wouldn't waste my time on that.