Circa Levenger Plastic Tab Dividers

I have two incomplete sets of multicolored plastic tab dividers and would like to get the missing dividers to make a complete set.

I am looking or:
- Circa Junior: tabs #2 (tan) and #3 (brown).
- Circa Compact: tabs #1 (blue), #2 (tan), and #4 (violet).

I have the following items available to trade for the tab dividers:

- 30 perforated 3 x 5 cards (for Circa, with 5 holes on the left side)
- 1 gently-used 3X5 pocket divider
- 1 Junior sheet protector
- 5 sheets Project/Goal planner page (letter)
- 3 sheets Phone page (letter)
- 8 red 3/4" Circa discs


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A possibly silly question...

Have you asked Levenger's ?
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