2011 goal - to *NOT* switch calendars

So, I've messed with so many planner systems as many of you on the site have I'm sure. Mostly Franklin Covey, Moleskine weekly calendar + notes, Levenger Circa, printed out DIYPlanner, and now back to the Moleskine weekly + notes.

I'm currently using a Dayrunner binder that I used to have my Circa notebook in, but instead of the Circa notebook have the Moleskine calendar + notes and a regular Moleskine notebook. The calendar goes from July 2010 - December 2011.

I want to stick with this calendar and actually do something rather than tweaking my planner. It's hard with it being the end of the year to not use this as a justification to switch back to Circa or some other system.

Nice thing about just using a couple Moleskine notebooks: not a lot of tweaking you can do. And right now that's a good thing.

Anyone else especially tempted to completely switch planners?


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I can never seem to synch

I can never seem to synch what I need into my planner. I switched mid-year (back) to Franklin-Covey and then (back) to Circa again. I've made this and many other transitions before. So right now I have a Circa notebook in a Circa Jacket (second one) with monthly calendars printed with Ygor's nice Dynamic Template app, five tabs: Calendar, Journal, To-Do, Notes and Reference. I am OK with this configuration, but am thinking about weekly calendars again.

However, now my new obsession is Moleskine. I bought a Molecover and asked for an received a Quiver Pen Holder for Christmas. I'm about to pull the trigger on a large weekly Moleskine calendar with notes. So, tomorrow is January 1 and I'm not sure how I'm going to start out the new year. I'm smart enough not to resolve sticking with one calendar in 2011, because it ain't going to happen for me.

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As long as time and great

As long as time and great expense aren't involved, is it so wrong to switch planners from time to time? IMHO a switch can be what's needed to keep things "fresh" so you don't get bored and abandon using a planner altogether?
BTW I'm switching back to my old DayRunner Classic with new D*I*Y* guts, after a spiral notebook and various electronic devices have led me astray, lol.
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I've "reverted" for the new year...

... to my "old reliable" Franklin-Covey and a ringed binder. I am using a different layout (Perspective weekly) and going to follow a modified GTD format. I find I need a little more structure than I was giving myself, even though I don't need the appointment-centric methodology I used in the (here's where I give away my age) 80s and 90s. Plus, I just really like the realness of a paper planner.

I was having trouble with GTD and all the lists, but I found a video presentation David Allen gave at Google some years ago and something seemed to have "clicked", so we'll see what happens.


see, what you guys don't see is that, for some people, the amount of money these systems cost is a bit prohibitive.
(btw, can u use dayrunner and franklin covey together, or do the holes not work right, like they look?)
anyway, im using my college freebie calender right now. I use a page (week per 2 pgs), and tear it off. That works for me. If i lose it, i get another one somewhere.
I made a nice circa one, but my habits tend to ruin everything. i cant bear to toss my circa into a bag... and no time to baby it.

you can always use the index card system. or just use folded piece of paper-dif sides folded in or out, with lists and stuff. or post-its. I use a lot of postits. in multi colors. One or three a day, dif stuff - take yellow or pink one with me - that day's stuff; green/yellow is for next week or so - soon, but not urgent; blue or watever for eventually....and another one for lost items to find, and another one for stuff to buy..... yeah....


I did say "if great expense is not involved". Believe me I *know* how expensive a stationery "habit" can be.
Post-its I love too, but they tend to chafe off things with all the carrying about.
I'm going back to my DayRunner classic, I must be liz's age - I got mine in the 80s. Lol.
As for the holes, the three ring binders will hold 7 hole papers, and filofax papers almost fit into DayRunners but need a hole drilled in the middle. It looks like FranklinCovey pages are 6 holes so they would likely need re-drilling too.
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Some of 'you guys' print our own :-)

A la the website title. Mine cost me < $5.00 U.S. to have it wire-bound at an office supply store.

I switch multiple times a year!

I would LOVE to find something that works, but haven't. Getting close. Toward the end of last year I switched to a weekly moleskin - 4x6ish. Liked it. For 2011 bought the teeny tiny (official name, by the way) moleskin. Like 2.something by 3.something. NO LINES. Drives me insane. Cute, bound, has a page marker (pros). I also bought the same size in the Levenger agenda (refill only). I'm using these in tandem right now until I figure out which one I prefer.

I took someone else's idea about setting up a little notebook with things to do @phone, @computer, etc. I use a Circa 3x5 for that. Ideally I would like to use the Circa 3x5 for everything, but I haven't taken the time to figure out how to use the dynamic templates to print my 3x5 pages, although that is my goal for this month. If I knew easily how to print to index cards, I'd be set. Plus I need some sort of cover for my Circa 3x5. If I can get that set up well, set up, then I think I will be in my final agenda!

A New Personal Record

In June of 2010 I went back to using a classic size FranklinCovey day planner, two pages per day. It is now seven months later, and I'm still using it. For me that's a new record!

Having said that, I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a Quo Vadis 2011 Visoplan monthly calendar. I like my calendar to be portable (fit inside my coat pocket), and this particular calendar has the added benefit of using high quality fountain pen friendly paper. I plan to keep it in my old DayTimer pocket wallet along with a Clairefontaine Roadbook to use for mobile capture.

My goal is to leave my classic at the office, and carry the Visoplan / Roadbook combo everywhere in my pocket.

I love my classic, but it adds quite a bit of weight to my bag. I don't use it much outside the office, so the pocket calendar & capture book seem like a good addition to my "system". This should allow me to leave the classic locked in my desk at the office each night.


Nice Combo

I'm back with my Classic size "burglar thumping" DayRunner, so IKWYM about the weight. I've added in a plastic sleeve until I can fashion something better (mmm, excuse to use Sugru!) as a holder for my $2 shop diary for this year. Next year I want to print my own calendar from here and get it lightly bound in some way and hole punched so it can still fit into the planner, but be portable on days that I'm not working (and won't need to carry the whole planner around). I may not last the year before succumbing to printing one of the wonderful calendar templates from here, though.
I have seen tiny little MoleSkins in the big new Borders in the city and they are calling my name, with their friends, the mini-pens from Kikki.K. Look like a good way to have portable notes for ones GTD system.
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Next year I want to print my own calendar from here and get it lightly bound in some way and hole punched so it can still fit into the planner

Ok, you got my creative juices flowing--this site is dangerous...

I love my Circa and Rollabind, but I also do a lot of saddle-stapling. What you wrote above gave me the idea of making monthly booklets (two pages of a month-at-a-glance, and the rest two-page-per-week, together with notes pages to complete the signature), printing them duplex, folding and stapling--next, they could be punched for a 3-hole, etc. I don't know if I could Rolla-punch it, but I'm definitely going to look into it! In fact, I (still) need to make January's pages, so I'll get on it. ;-) Thanks.


You mean like this...


I am anxious to see how that turns out.
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...since it's only 2-pgs-per-week, it wouldn't be anywhere near as thick, and I wouldn't perfect-bind either, just saddle stitch. I wouldn't get too anxious... No great loss if it doesn't work. ;-)


PS currently printing the first side...


As I was folding my four stapled pages together, it suddenly dawned on me that that makes 8 pages, with a fold... not gonna punch in the Rolla punch--I was right. Gotta rethink my plan here, since my current stapler doesn't like stapling pre-folded pages... Plus, punching folded pages in separate groups can cause problems with gutter creep... Well, here goes...

And... it works. Since it's an eight-page sig, the damage isn't so bad (what with creep and getting the pages to fit in the punch). However, it is a tight fit, somehow, getting the whole shebang into my Circa book. It has a completely different feel in turning the pages, and opening and closing the book. But, it looks like it might work. Now, the real question is why... Pulling the entire month and carrying it outside the binder could work, but honestly, it's a lot more work to pull the whole thing, folded and stapled, than the separate pages. And punching only at the end of the month for archiving? Well, actually, that would work, but I would want to guillotine the stapled fold first. And then, one wouldn't have the option of Circafying it for use... Interesting experiment.

I think, though, that if one weren't using Circa, but a 3-ring or some-such, it would be much more useful. The whole experiment reminds me of my ancient DayTimer® days, when I did the jr. Pocket wirebound books.

Pics possible if interested.


Saddle Stitching!!!!

Now why didn't I think of that before?
My office has a selection of different weight/thickness capable staplers and punches, so I had been thinking to use them perhaps, or even a plastic spiral bind. But having recently seen a nifty little video on YouTube of a woman stitching her own notebook pages together, this sounds highly do-able!
Thanks Jon!
That Moleskin Box set is gorgeous. Salivating now. But I'm not using Moleskins ...
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I Spoke Too Soon

A disappointing development has me now moving in a different direction. Beginning with my January 2011 FC pages, the paper quality is noticeably cheaper. I use fountain pens exclusively, so paper quality is a big deal for me. I now get some bleed-through and a TON of show-through. Not acceptable!

I am now experimenting with a 3.5 x 5.5 Clairefontaine spiral notebook. I wrote out my weekly calendar on two pages, and the following two pages are for tasks and notes. If I need more notes pages, I'll just keep going. Next week I will write out my week again...

The paper is perfect and the spiral notebook is small enough to be very portable.

FC let me down, so now I am DIY-ing again.


Not so much tempted as pushed

My quest has always been smaller and lighter. If I have to carry it, I would prefer it not break any part of me. Was a Franklin Covey girl for years. The smaller notebooks never had as many forms. Printed my own and then found DIY. Made forms for years. Last year moved to 3x5 hipster and it has been great. Now need new 2011 calendar or new printer. Will get new printer eventually but need calendar by Sunday when i run out of my printed pages. Looking at Moleskine weekly. Will work for work schedules and be small and useful even if I start using the daily 3x5's again.

Oh no that's no fun

Of course I am thinking of switching...even though I am perfectly happy with my 5 X 8 Moleskine squares notebook. I can format it in any way I want for my daily pages, and do quick slides, graphs, weekly pages, monthly pages, the whole nine yards.

And still I have this urge to go back to...pick one, FC, Day Timer, Day Runner, Circa.

Well it doesn't hurt to look...

does it?
Actually that's how I found this site. Looking. For more, newer, better. If I have time I look. When I went to buy the new Moleskine (which was on sale for 50% off) I looked at all the others in various sizes and then went with my first choice.
My life has changed and my requirements for a planner change too. Happy 12th Night, Eppiphany, la dia de los Reyos, and merry little christmas too.

Guilty as charged

I'm in the process of switching over to Junior sized Circa from a compact Filofax - the compact was just a little too small and awkward for me so I didn't use it as much as I should have. (I used to love the smaller sizes, but the arthritis in my hands has gotten worse, so I'm not as good at writing small AND neatly. I get one or the other, but not both. :) So I'm having to sacrifice weight for page space.)

That said, I do like the look of my new Circa (gotta take some photos) so I'm hoping that helps me refer to it more, also. (It's a book cloth cover and I got some of the resin multicolor discs and a matching pen as a Christmas gift, so it's a pretty cheerful set, as these things go.)

Helpfully, this is my break between terms, so not a bad time to switch systems since my schedule will be different anyway. (College - Twice as many chances to say 'hey, this would be a good time to switch planner systems!' and pay for the privilege! :) ) It's just a bit annoying re-doing some of the customized forms I made that I had to fuss with to get them to scale to Filofax size sensibly.

(That said - the Filofax print software is working very well for me. I just had to set up a custom page size for Circa junior 2-up and it handles all of the page arrangements and provides guides for manual double sided printing. I particularly like that I can save a Filofax print 'project' so that I don't have to send the same files to the software again every time I want to re-print a section. For example, I have one set up where a meal planner is on one side of the sheet and a shopping list on the other, 2 up. Obviously, this is something I'm going to use and replace a lot. I can just save the project and call it up and print more when I need them.)

I'm in the midst of decision

I'm in the midst of decision time.
I use a hard bound notebook with lined pages as my "everything" book. I draw in monthly calendars and keep lists for nearly everything in there. Its been working pretty well for awhile now.
I picked up a Workman Publishing weekly planner (cat muse if anyone is curious) for just a dollar. It has a week on two pages with a space for notes. I've been jotting in there too. I couldn't pass it up at that price.

Ideally I want to return to circa. However, I don't want to lose my "everything" book since it has been working and it would take a long time to copy it all over. I'm also regularly tempted by Filofax and Moleskine and EcosystemLife ... Luckily I don't have any extra money so it makes decisions very easy on that front.

I guess I keep using these two books and a wall calendar and hope I can stay afloat x_x

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