Calendar Binding?

I've created a beautiful Calendar and would like to get it nicely bound (no metal rings or industrial looking end product). Can anyone recommend a binding service or a notebook I can stick it in to compliment my work?

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Try a print and copy shop

Staples offers many different ways to bind pages, including a hard bound book. They have an on line tool to upload pages and select how you want in to look. I'm sure other print and copy shops offer multiple options as well. Online POD services, like Lulu, offer many ways to bind pages as well. This is assuming your pages are designed on a computer.

Do we get pictures?


'Can't find anything on Staples about book binding.

Oh, I'd love to give pictures but apparently the OpenOffice Calc template I've created is awaiting approval here. You can also find it on the OpenOffice Templates website and search for Monthly Calendar Generator (by PDA1)


Hey! Your template has been has made the highest rated!

Downloading now...

Edit: Downloaded, and opened. Odd, how did you know my birthay!!! I mean, there it was, a "happy birthday" there in January on my birthday!

The only downside that I see to this is that on the Mac, at least, we don't have all those decorative fonts you used for the day names at the top of the month, so it's just plain Helvetica, and it doesn't fit, and will require adjustments. But it's quite an effort, and fantastic! Thanks.


Missing fonts ?

Does it tell you what's missing ?
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Every month

As I described, every month is in Helvetica, while the name in the font popup is the name of the actual font you chose. This is for all twelve months. And honestly, I've never heard of a single one of the fonts--Burst my Bubble, Writing Stuff. Jefferson... unusual names. ;-) There may be other places in this template where you have unusual, decorative fonts, but I didn't look. I just happened to notice the first one, and quickly glanced through all the months to see if they were all like that, and they were. Nothing difficult to fix, but I just thought you would want to be aware of this--when you pick unusual and decorative fonts, you run a great risk of others not having them.


C'mon, Jon. Do you want me to say "IT" ?

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The word is...

Does it start with 'G' and rhyme with 'oogle' ?

Much more private than Google.

So sorry

If you default all the fonts to Arial everything should fit nicely.

As it says in the synopsis on the Calendar Generator- I'm not programmer and have a very basic understanding of using OpenOffice Calc. Each month has a different font and some of the dates have specific fonts. For example- March 19th is the birth date of the man who spoke the words, "I am not a number, I am a free man". If you know his'll notice that the font used for that day is the font named "Village" which is where you'll find him.

If there was a way I could attach the fonts to the file I'd do it. Sure you could look them up through but it'd be a lot more convenient to have them attached with the file.

A list ?

Is there a reasonably simple way to list all the fonts used in a document ?
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Font list added to Calendar

I just added the font list, and where you can download them, to the Calendar file.

Thank you

Thanks for the compliments and suggestions- I'll work on the font issue.

Best wishes on your birthday and many happy days and years to you.

Good idea

Putting the font links in the file. Slick. Thanks.



Looks like staples doesn't do the hard bound anymore, just the usual stuff. Sorry about the wrong turn. You may still want to check with the local print shops, they may have some options.

Making Your Own Planner Covers

'tis very easy to sew your own cover by hand with fabric and cardboard. And even to use stiff plastic like shower curtain stuff, with a sewing machine.
Have done it myself a few times. I'm going to put my skills to the test again sewing a new slipcover for my tatty DayRunner Classic binder, as soon as the fabric stores re-open after new year.
In fact, someone's already created a thread about sewing and binding your own books, on this very site.
Check out nodes 442 and 433. You may also wish to G00gle "how to sew a book binding".
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

lets see...circa?

or, you can take a needle and thread, and sew the binding like real books do. And then glue on a spine/covers....
staples at the very least can laminate the covers. their binding i believe is more the coil type, which... eh

Hadrcore DIY-People

would consider doing the binding by themselves. A technology that does not require sophisticated equipment is "perfect binding". In Germany it is called to its inventor "Lumbeck-Bindung", works with a cold glue and is used for paperbacks.
Or have a look at that keeps your sheets together with a coil. I saw something similar from Leitz (Klemmbinder) in a large department store for an affordable price. With that system you would gain the flexibility of circa et. al. without the need to punch a special grid into your pages.

Have Fun

How many pages is it?

I've saddle-stiched booklets up to 52 pages. You would probably need to have an office supply store do the stapling as well as trip the other edge, but 52 is, at least, doable. More than that, and you might want to learn how to do your own binding. ;-) It's not so hard...