20% off Arc products at Staples...

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details, please

What is the source of this information ?

Also, be sure to read the Fine print. I got an e-mail coupon giving a discount for "M" by Staples products and the fin print said EXCLUDING Arc Notebooks.

[edit] http://www.staples.com/cat_BI161339
I spoke too quick. Found it on the web site
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This seems to be in-store

This seems to be in-store only. I just picked up a junior size poly notebook and a few packs of letter size planner pages this afternoon and they were regular price. Looks like I'll be ordering a few more letter size notebooks online.

I'm impressed with the quality of the paper and the poly notebooks. The Arc line is what people wanted Rollabind to be -- a high quality alternative to Levenger's Circa system.

ARC Notebooks

I have purchased everything for a leather junior sized except for the To Do sheets which are always sold out or out of stock before I can get to them.

I wish there was an agenda or calendar. My junior size is already full with the dividers, note pages, project pages, pocket polys, and soon to be task pad and arrow stickies.

It's nice to be able to pull out a page fold it up stick it in your pocket and take it with you instead of carrying the notebook all over the place. When you get back to the car or home just plop the page back where it was.

Good luck!

I got an email this morning

I got an email this morning from Staples for 20% off "all Staples Arc notebooks, accessories, and refill paper." There's a link to print the coupon for in-store use, but there's a coupon code listed - 95893 and it says the 20% is reflected in the online prices. It expires 1/15/11.

I'm on the Staples mailing list, so hopefully those of you who want to try Staples Arc are on the list and get the email too. I'm thiking that I may need to check out some of my local Staples and see if they have them in stock yet. I try to only go to Staples with my husband so he can help control my desire to roam the aisles for hours on end!

Haha - that's me!

I try to only go to Staples with my husband so he can help control my desire to roam the aisles for hours on end!

That would be so me. If my other half had the patience to put up with my wandering in there in the first place. I love to go to stationery stores in other countries when I travel, to ooh and aah and buy things I can't find at home. And Airport Stores, why do they always have fantastic stuff at those little stores near the departure gates?
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