Need Help creating a custom book calendar

I was given a calendar last year which is in a book form (measures 8.5 x 11" h) - printed on paper that is 11 x 17. I've used the format trying to make my own personalized version which I'm really happy with. Attached is a sample showing the month of January. However, I don't have a clue how to create it so its double sided. Any ideas or template would be really appreciated.

Carpe Diem 2011. Book Calendar.pdf48.19 KB
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Make it on a Spread sheet

I created a calendar in OpenOffice Calc that is printed on 2 pages....or....if you "cut" the 2 pages you can paste them into OpenOffice Writer and simply resize them.

Perhaps you can do the same thing- make your calendar in a spreadsheet so that it spans 2 pages (or whatever size you like) and the rescale to the size you need?


I have found the website and am downloading open office. I hope its not to hard to learn to use. Thanks for the information. Rena