Plus ça change...

It's been a hectic few months behind the scenes at, due mainly to some major changes in my personal life, and so I thought it a good idea to share some good news and put a few minds at ease regarding the status of this project. I generally tend to stay away from mentioning my personal life here, but in this case it seems to be warranted.

First of all, my apologies to those people noting my markedly out-of-character absence as of late. Part of it is due, no doubt, to the birth of my new son Daniel, and all the issues surrounding my wife's pregnancy and my need to spend more time with our two-year-old Conor. This has pushed my other main "occupation", that of finding full-time employment (rather than endless small contracts), to those hours I normally relax, administer the site, and answer email and comments. As is, I've been busy till at least two a.m. each morning preparing cover letters, sending off resumes, and trolling the job sites.

Which brings me to another personal bit: I've just received a full-time position to work with a great company up in northern Canada, in a small city called Yellowknife. It's a great opportunity, and I can't wait to move up there next month.

So, where does all this leave the D*I*Y Planner project and site? Actually, with a very bright future, I do believe. Here's why....

You see, most of the work on the kits has been done in my off-hours, usually in the colder, darker months. Yellowknife, edging the Arctic Circle, certainly has copious amounts of those. Having a permanent job also means I don't have to spend most of my night-time hours in hot pursuit of my next meal. In short, this should translate into more spare time available for the project on average.

Thankfully, though, I don't need to do everything myself. For example, the next DiyP project is actually a final release of the Widget Kit, which will allow people to create their own templates quite easily. We have three skilled volunteers ready to jump into the files and help create the roughs of the many forms, and several other helpers willing to write documentation and test it all.

We also have Sardonius, who helped to organise and edit the latest version of the handbook, who lent his educated and cryptic wit to many comments, who administered much of the site while I travelled to northern climes, and who even contributed an article or two, mostly in capitulation to the all-too-persuasive Innowen.

Ah, Innowen! She was one of the first people who contacted me when I first solicited writers for this site, and she's been with us, steadily and faithfully, ever since. She has proven to be a fine and very creative writer. She's contributed an endless stream of perceptive and foresighted advice which has helped the development of both the kits and the site. And, when I've had to disappear lately for nearly a week at a time for job-related reasons, she's even jumped into the editorial waters to take my place, piloting the writers into our chaotic little harbour.

We need a "number two" here, someone who can be here for the site and the writers when I'm not (which will be often, in the next month while I shuffle across the continent), someone in whom I have complete and unconditional faith. That someone is Innowen, who now steps up to the mantle of "Associate Editor". Thank you, Innowen!

I'll provide some more details regarding Innowen's new role, along with some news regarding our writers, at a slightly later date, but I just wanted to post this article in response to a few nervous email I've received lately. Don't worry, folks... the D*I*Y Planner and its site will be alive and kicking for a long while yet, coming to you from near the top of the world.

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Wow! Congrats on the beautiful baby boy _and_ the new job! Fantastic!

I can totally relate to the demands on your time changes like these can make - it seems as though we're living somewhat parallel lives! Our second baby is due in July, big sister turns two in August, and as soon as baby2's passport arrives, we're pulling up stakes and shifting back to Canada after seven years abroad.

Thanks for all the work you do here. I hope you never feel the need to apologize for taking time for yourself and your family. You and your contributers have done so much to help all of us get organized: what's the point of getting organized if it isn't to free up more of that valuable time to spend on the really important things, like family?

Health and wealth to you and yours. Enjoy the Great White North!


Change is good!

Hi man,
great to hear about all this progress.
Good luck with the move and everything!
Cheers, Ed

What wonderful news--congrats and best wishes!

I've actually heard of Yellowknife, even down here in Texas, but can't remember exactly what it was I heard about it. Maybe that it's cold up there. Or is it polar bears roaming the streets on occasion? Please post about life in Yellowknife, and try to send some of that cool weather down south.

Congratulations, twice over!

Enjoy the new baby, and enjoy the new job! I wish you all success!

I'm in Texas too, and I also wonder why I've heard of Yellowknife. Any suggestions?

Do you procrastinate?

"The Diamond Capital of North America"

Could it be that you're a connaisseur of the large and extravagent diamonds mined there? (Or the gold, which seems to have been recently depleted?) ;-)

Wikipedia has more about Yellowknife, including links to official places.

And, I must say, I'm looking forward to my first dogsled race, as well as the magnificent Aurora Borealis lighting up the whole sky almost all Winter. All that nice camera gear is going to get a good workout....

all my best,

a million monkeys typing :
A Study in Sherlock :
...and that DIYPlanner thing...

Congrats on your new baby

Congrats on your new baby and new job!


Congrats and Best Wishes

Hope the family continues to do well-congratulations on your newest addition. Thanks for all you've done to make this site the awesome resource that it is.

Yellowknife-WOW. Yeah, that's up there. My uncle visits his cousin who lives there. It used to be the end of the Canadian Highway, not sure if it still is or not. Best wishes to you and the family as you make the move and get settled in!

You might need a light book!

Hey there,

Best wishes for what sounds like an exciting journey for you and your family!

Thought I would mention that getting a light therapy lined up might be helpful. I am in T.O. and even here found the lack of light in the fall and winter tough. Tested a two different products on the market, and found the litebook to fabulous.

Best wishes,

Just wondering...

Where is T.O.?


T.O. = Toronto, Ontario

Diamonds and pearls...

Congratulations Doug and three cheers for inno! I know you will make a superlative Mini-Grinch... ;)

Many Congrats!

Many congrats on the new kid and the new job - both life changing events.
Tim Foreman -

Plus Ca Change

Congratulations on 'new' arrival and 'new' job - hectic is about to become more so!!

"as well as the magnificent Aurora Borealis lighting up the whole sky almost all Winter"
Living where you live you are more probably more used to seeing the Aurora than we are in the Channel Islands (UK)...........Everytime I see an Aurora I feel as I remember feeling the very first time I saw snow fall as a child - spellbound by the mystery and beauty.


Congratulations to you and yours. Good to know you've got something a bit more permanent. As you mentioned, I think you'll find more time for this site in the long run. In the short run, get some stuff done - and thanks for leaving things in good hands.

I had a friend who was up in Yellowknife, seemed like a cool place. (Ha!)

The Frozen North

Don't forget to take a cozy for your hipster!