Hello from Fabulous Las Vegas, NV

Hi Everyone,
My name is Tami and I live in SIN city, Las Vegas, NV. I just purchased DA book GTD a couple of months ago and have been trying to implement as much as I can into my current system. I belong to a group called the "Change Your Life Challenge" and someone on the message board provided the link to this site, I love it!

I have been using the Franklin Covey paper planning system for years now, and love it. I tried using a Palm a few years ago, but I just like the paper planner better, it works better for me.

I look forward to chatting and learning with all of you,

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Get out!

Hey, Tami! I live in Las Vegas, too!! I love Franklin Covey, but let's face it... They get pretty expensive and they don't always have what you need or are looking for.

What is this "Change Your Life Challenge"?? Is it in LV locally, or online??

Patent Medicine...

Hi Tami, I have to agree with Karlana, Franklin Covey nostrums are rather expensive. No need to despair however, DIY Planner contains an exceptional range of 'organisational agnostic' Templates. For example D*I*Y's Harmony Form makes FC 'Roles' look like yesterday's croissant (IMHO of course ;) ). We - the DIY community - have a free widget kit to make our own D*I*Y Forms and one can always put in a request...


I love this form!! It is so much more personable than the FC forms, I think they are called Compass??