Paper for years

Just found your web site - am an oldtimer have never used a PDA and am find technology gets more and more difficult to navigate each day - I lament the loss of the simple McWrite 1.0 programing and wish there still existed a word processing program that just behaved like a typewritter and a spread sheet that behaved like graph paper in a typewritter.

For years now I have used a Spiegel Daily bound diary from OGLE Publishing, and am never at a loss for information. A constant companion, so much so one of my bosses always said he was always tempted to steal the book just to see what would happen. The answer is simple, as it is a living document - Chaos. At least prior to 1996 - now I pick up last years book for the basics and get my appointments and backup contact information off the @#$%^&*() laptop. I find with paper there is only about one to two months of each year where I am carrying two books - Mr. Old Year and Baby New Year, depending on how quickly the transfer of old data to new book occurs.

Best regards.
John O.

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