Storing and cataloging Levenger (Circa Junior) pages

Does anyone have any ideas or can you direct me to an existing post that discusses how to store and catalog Circa Junior pages economically? At $14/notebook and one/quarter I expect it to get a bit expensive to use the agenda for a notepad for work even if I cut my own paper.

For the past few years I've been using top-bound stenopads as I'm left handed. They will fit inside the Junior binder, but don't look really professional, plus I can't relocate pages by topic.

Thanks for any ideas.


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Disco 2000

You may like to try the D*I*Y Templates with a Rollabind punch and discs. You can 'top bind' the pages if it makes it easier to use. Storage; Rollabind discs and polythene covers, no binder?

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Thanks for the ideas. I

Thanks for the ideas.

I ended up going back to the Levenger store and looking over their materials again. It's not readily apparent, but their binder rings are in sets of two. And I saw back and front covers, also in sets of two. So it's a bit more economical than it appears. I bought a stack of paper, dividers, binder rings, covers and address section for about $50. I suspect that will last at least 1 year, which I figure is doable since I don't have a PDA.