Day-to-a-page, Classic size, just like at Staples

Day-to-a-page, Classic size, just like at Staples
I'm looking at a 2009 day-planner from Cambridge (Mead, At-a-glance, and others did similar planners; probably still do). Opening to any given page displays:
Month, Day in upper corner opposite gutter)
Previous and current month thumbs on L page, next three month thumbs on R page; at the top
Ok to reduce month thumbnails to 3 or 4 per page opening
Lined for notes w business hour times along left

[admin edit: attached is an image of a right-hand page]
This layout is all I want.
I also want to build the booklet with twin-wires and that plasticized fiber/paper cover threaded in the wire-bind. It would ideally be just like off the shelf at Staples or some equivalent (no personalization needed).

Only have cheap HP printer, requires turning pages over to print on back
Not sure if print feeder will handle ~95 sheets at once

At Kinkos:
To cut 8 1/2 x 11 sheets in half (gutter) after printing
Punch pages and assemble standard twin-wire bind (Thread one-piece cover)
Can maybe reuse an old planner cover

Can this be done?
How much will it cost to make one planner?

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Your plan looks good

But I am not clear as to what you are asking.

Do you want help creating the layout ? If so, then you need to check this out:

If not... ?
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Suggest you limit yourself to printing off a week or maybe two weeks at a time. Once a page goes through a printer once, it generally gets a bit our of shape, i.e. edges curled, a bit stretched etc, which means a greater possibility of misfeeds, two page carries and paper jams. By printing in small batches, you limit any problems to that batch making recovery a lot easier with less waste.

Bob H.

@ygor: Yes, the layout, but

@ygor: Yes, the layout, but also the whole thing. Maybe someone here has walked into Kinkos with a stack of printed pages to bind (maybe even just like this?). ??

@Bob: Seems the print threading sequence must be set and accounted for during any stop/pause/refill (Each page = 4 in final product, with pg #s going up on one side and down on the other). Maybe one can print pages #-#' then #''-#'''.


Looks like you have it.

My Planner is a day to an opening (DTO) with schedule and actions etc on the left page and a notes on the right page. The schedule/actions page is printed on the back of the previous day's notes page and today's notes page is printed on the reverse of tomorrow's schedule/actions. My paper is A5 precut so I am only printing two pages per sheet rather than 4 pages per sheet to be cut up later.

When printing, I print a week at a time with the actions/schedule page first in day/date order. I then put the printed pages back into the feeder to print on the reverse but this time print in reverse day/date order, viz. 7,6,5,4...1. After printing the pages need to be shuffled into date sequence before inserting in my binder.

If I strike a problem, I generally throw away the pages for that week and start it again rather than try and salvage anything as it takes far less time.

I am h
Bob H.

Terminology - DTO vs one page per day

I am starting to get a bit confused.

@alefas ! When you open your planned planner, will you see two days or one day ?

The way I describe the Dynamic Templates, DTO == Two Pages per day

Helpful definition/info: A page is one side of a leaf (piece of paper).
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Sorry for adding extra confusion

I was trying to illustrate the need to reorder the sheets of paper when when you print on the reverse. Alefas has the added issue of printing 4 pages (or days) on the one leaf of letter, viz. pages 1 and 3 on one side and 2 and 4 on the other and at the same time making sure 1 and 2 align and also 3 and 4.

Bob H.

1 Day -to-a-page

ygor, I did not notice your question yesterday.

2 pages to an opening.

BobH is correct about the 4 pages per "letter" sheet (2 each side w gutter aligned for cutting).

Below, I added the desire to print Sat/Sun on one page if possible.

Have YOU ever walked into Kinko's and asked ?

You might be surprised what they can accomplish, but you also might be surprised at the cost.
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I Walked into Kinkos in New Orleans on Monday and Asked

Hi there! I just got here and I forgot to bring a box of my business cards. I have several of my business cards. Can you put them face down on a Xerox machine, load cardstock into the machine, print them off, and cut them? Oh yes, sir we can have them on Wednesday.


I agree with ygor, the cost of doing what you want might not be worth it considering how cheap the premade wire bound planners can be. Target has good wirebound planners from Blue Sky, if I was a wirebound type of person that is what I would get because they have tabs for the month and the lines are big enough for my writing. I believe that there are people in this forum that have cut and printed their own pages and then taken them to OfficeMax, Staples, Office Depot or Kinko's just for the binding.

One warning about having your paper cut for you, I took a ream to Staples and ended up with two stacks of paper that were not the same size. One set was just under 5 1/2" wide and the other stack was just over. Very annoying.

cost, agreed; also...

Ok, you are right that it might not be worth it. I don't know what Kinkos would charge or if there are alternative outlets that would do the cut/punch/bind sequence cheaply. If anyone here does have an estimate, thank you in advance.

"...people in this forum that have cut and printed their own pages and then taken them to OfficeMax, Staples, Office Depot or Kinko's just for the binding..." This is what I hoped to do. Can the page thread sequence be printed on a one-side HP printer?

"...took a ream to Staples and ended up with two stacks of paper that were not the same size..." Thanks for the warning. Staples (or whoever) needs to provide a precision cut, as the gutter margin has a low error tolerance.

I was in Target a while back but only vaguely remember the "Blue Sky" rendition. Walmart had the mainstream brand a year ago, but they have an off brand substitute now. I don't want any tabs, but the classic model with tabs was up to $17 or $18 at Walmart, while within the last five or six years, I bought the no-tab version for $5 or $6 (at Walmart). The price range over ~30 years of buying this classic model has been ~$5 to $13. I did see it for $0.99 in 99 Only for a couple years (six months out of date).

The plasticized covers: They overlap the pages all the way around, so pages don't get dog-eared from stuffing the planner in the sleeve of a book bag. The one-piece cover wraps around back and covers most of the wire-bind, so the spring doesn't get caught on anything and pulled apart. It is also flexible, will shed a little water, and seems nearly indestructible. The knock-off brands don't take advantage of this simple, elegant design and therefore don't do any of this.

Got a scanner or digital camera ?

Can you get an image of the page you want and share it with us ?
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I found a small jpg image but don't know how to insert or attach it here.

E-mail it to me

I will send you a note
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some DIYing options

Here are some possibilities for different ways to do what you'd like to do. Maybe some of the ideas will help.

1. buy a wire bound day to an opening diary on sale. As the day comes up, write in the extra headings you need.

2. print 2 undated master sheets for each month (no dates, one for the left page, one for the right) with the little calendars for the year and the lines etc.
Get a print shop to photocopy 30-31 doublesided pages and have them wire bound. (much cheaper as there's no fancy collation to be done)
Write/stamp the date on the top of each page OR circle the date in the little calendar.
(this would be my preference)

3. Buy a wire bound notebook. Make a file with 30 copies of the little calendar on each page. Print a page, cut the calendars apart and stick them into notebook.
Write in the extra headings you need.

4. Buy a wire bound notebook and 2 very cheap (eg $1) day to a page appointment diaries smaller than the notebook. Try to find some with the month on the bottom of the page. Pull the diaries apart and glue the pages into the notebook in date order.

5. Make a generic any month planner on your computer - appointments on left, other page on right. Dated 1 to 31.
Put the month in the header.
Print it.
Either get it wire bound. Or use something other than wire binding (eg a light file folder with 3 small rings). Make a refernce bookmark with the calendars on it and move it through the planner as you need it.

6. Buy a day to a page appointment diary, preferably on sale, and pull it apart. (Or buy a cheap refill for a ring bound planner).
Print 2 copies of the other page you want. Take it to the printshop and get 190 doublesided copies printed.
Take it home (or to a coffeeshop :D ) and put a printed page between each of the appointment pages. Then take it back to the print shop and get it wire bound.
if its too big you could get it bound in 6 month books

You'll have the appointment page alternating from left to right.


Katrina, thanks for some really brilliant ideas!
I particularly like your reference bookmark with calendar on idea! I shall play with that one and laminate it for sure!
the moving cursor having written, blinks on ...

day-to-page image posted

An image of a brand-name day-to-a-page planner is posted above (Thanks ygor). Sorry it is chopped a little weird, but I hope it will remind you that this standard model is what I want to copy. [No personalization needed, no tabs or month dividers, and would like to use one-piece cover threaded over wire-bind {same standard style}]

I'll stop at a copy store this week and ask about assembly/binding.

How about the layout, print format, page threading, and turning paper over to print opposite pages?

Dynamic template?

It sure looks to me like the 1-page-per-day dynamic template would fit your bill. Have you looked at them? It has the day, date, and three calendar months, with the current one larger, and on top of the previous and next month. It does have a bit more granularity, in that it has hourly spots for appointments on the right-hand column, and the left side has room for daily tasks and about four lines for financial transactions. There is also an option for just having the date at the top (none of the extras like calendars), and lines below that (other than the calendars missing, it is more like your image).

Hopefully, this link will show you what it looks like: 1-pg-per-day Dynamic image


Thank you Jon. The template

Thank you Jon. The template has the elements but I prefer the more "open" style (above image) to write tasks, appointments, notes, calculations... My "standard" example also has hourly index on the right (though hard to see in the image). I like that but feel it is best as a subtle presentation (maybe small and gray, similar for the line rulings, and maybe small but darker thumbnail months). Also, the hour indices in my old planners end at 5:00 or 6:00 and before the bottom of the page (same as here; works fine). Some tweaking and rearrangement of the elements could virtually duplicate my "standard".

I tried to play with the print threading routine about a year ago, but I did not understand it well or even get it working on a short test sequence. I hope that much will be doable; granted, turning pages over to re-feed and progressing through any mis-feed/misprint can be problematic.


If you were willing to give up the month calendars, the dated journal side of the one-page-per-day, would just about fit your bill--but no hour marks, of course. If you need more free-form entry area, this is about a free-form as you can get. ;-) It has shaded columns at the right and left side, for demarcation, so you could write in the hour.

Other than this, I fear you will need to keep looking for something commercial. Moleskine, I think, makes a daily planner, and I know that DayTimer has multiple formats--none of these are super cheap, but doing it yourself won't be cheap either, and will also cost you in time.

I don't know how detailed your life is, but if you are using a daily planner, I'm guessing it's detailed enough. ;-) At that point, you might want to consider breaking your day down into separate areas. I know when I was in college, the DayTimer classic 2-page-per-day super-compact 3x5 was my life saver. I kept track of everything in those, in fact, when I started using it, my grade average went up noticeably. Having the compartments to put things, and knowing exactly where to look was what helped me. (All that said in hopes of helping)


1 per day or 2 per day?

Are you trying to assemble a one page per day or a two page per day layout? Either way, the dynamic templates or the template forum is a good place to look, lots of possibilites.

I have a very old HP 3 in 1 printer (honestly, I think its ten years old now). I print my own daily pages by cutting the paper first and feeding each sheet of paper in individually and turning it over to print the second side, then feeding in the next sheet and so on. Yes, it is time consuming, but since I am still looking for my "perfect planner" I usually only print one month at a time. I tried to use the feeder tray, but my poor old printer has a hard time grabbing half size paper and I ended up with lots of mistakes and half printed pages.

I put my pages in a simple Circa binder and since the discs can catch on stuff in my purse, I bought a fabric book cover at Dollar Tree and use that to cover my planner. I also carry a Carolina Pad Ideal Book spiral bound notebook with me most of the time, and I also put a fabric book cover over that so the wire wouldn't snag on my purse or book bag. Love those fabric book covers, I can change them for $1 when the mood strikes me.

One page per day (previous

One page per day (previous or next day on other side). Two days per opening.

This reminded me that the "standard" is to combine Sat. and Sun. on one page. Mon, Wed, Fri are always on the left page, and Tues, Thurs, Sat/Sun on the right page. I would like to include this design feature.

I did not get to a copy store today but intend to report findings here soon (will probably be Thurs or Fri).

two Kinkos stores

Two stores did not have the wire binding (one might have spiral bind, not sure) but pointed to a Kinkos further away or a binding company. I will check with the binding company this week.

I attached a couple more

I attached a couple more images showing two full layouts of brand name day planners. I tend to favor the top one in "two planner layouts" but wouldn't mind having two thumbnail months on each facing page. The "... Sat n Sun" image shows an example of doubling the weekend onto the sixth page of the week. It is also fine to skip Sunday; I can write it in occasionally on the Saturday page (saw an example of this in a used planner).

Have you... ?

... tried the "Make Your Own" link I gave way up at the top ?
Have you tried Open Office and the D*I*Y Planner Widget Kit ?

Everything you need is there.

Or do you want someone else to do it for you ?
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will try the widget kit

I checked the links and will try the widget kit.
A static layout could be automated in one of your dynamic templates, right?
I assume the layout has to be in a source file. (?) Seems a PDF file has to be duplicated from scratch (only slightly better than copying from an image?).

Day to page static layout.odg

I built and attached a static layout (four days worth). Can it be set up to start on a selected date and index date elements accordingly until a specified end-date?

"Can it be set up to..."

In what do you want it "set up" ?

If you want the dates to change, it can be done in a spreadsheet or it can be done in a custom-built software application like the Dynamic Templates.

On another point, the layout you created is not a page per day as you have stacked Saturday and Sunday on one page. Trying to stick to the terminology in use, what you have described is a 6-page-per-week template.
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Was imagining Dynamic Templates...

would be the way to go.

I see what you did with a spreadsheet and will think about how that might work. There are a couple tweaks still needed on my layout.

OK; six-page-week it is. (Not much trickier than day-to-a-page, I hope)

Another road block: HP f300 series printer allows 0.25" margin on the leading edge but chops the trailing margin to 0.5".

mini calendars

I can see a an issue with automating this in OpenOffice or Excel--namely those mini calendars. Generating these will be a bear, if not impossible. I thought there were a couple spreadsheet-based auto-generating planners here, but the ones I found don't have those these mini calendars.


But it should be possible, right ?

If it can be done on a page like this:
I would think you can do it on a block in the page.
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