Back to the Future with D*I*Y

Huzzah! The D*I*Y Planner we all know and love is in The Boston Globe for a second time.

"Strangely enough, it's mainly a revolt of tech lovers against their favorite toys, junkies eschewing their drug of choice," wrote multimedia project manager Douglas Johnston in an essay on the blog Communication Nation. "It's painful, it's heart-wrenching, it flies in the face of our own self-identities, and it makes all our high-tech podium-thumping and evangelizing suddenly look hollow."

Says Doug: "...the pushback is meant to reclaim human space in an increasingly digital world. For techies who have always relied on PDAs to manage their time, suddenly switching to paper can be a "Zen-like experience."

D*I*Y wishes to thank everyone, planners old and new, for making our community what it is today.

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"Zen-like experience"

Thanks to D*I*Y for rekindling the "Zen-like experience." I am using your templates, tips and tutorials to transform my GTD system from the digital to the analog domain.