From the School Supply Aisle

Weeeeelll today is July 7th and the school supplies are already out. I don't know what's gotten into school officials in twenty-five years but I think the kids are being short-changed about three weeks of what used to be summer vacation and now they have to pass a skills test we didn't have to mess with in the 70s and early 80s. But that's not what I came here to talk about.

Mead has come out with a product that I expect every one on this website to go get this weekend.

The Five Star Flex Hybrid NoteBinder. It is basically a cross between a looseleaf binder and a spiral notebook. I found it at Wal-Mart for $7.96. This is the "Large" version. The "Small" version has the same 10x11.75 footprint. It just holds less paper. I hope they will produce something that holds 5.5x8.5 paper, but that's yet to come.

So go. Now. Clean them out.

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Ink Pellets...

On your advice I went to see what school supplies W H Smith has for me. I found cheap fountain pens have been replaced with even cheaper cartridge ones. 12" boxwood rules are now metricised plastic and bottles of Quink have moved counter. Other things I failed to recognise at all from my school days. Rows of gaily coloured gels, electronic calculators and vinyl erasers cunningly deguised as food. Having attended a school which forbade the use of indian rubbers, I cannot help feeling just a tad jealous...

Back to the folders... I like the concept. However postage and dimension put me off. Time to harrass Mead for the UK version me thinks.

BTW I had to take an exam for prep school. Couldn't have been too rigorous though; they let me in... :O

What is an "Indian Rubber"?

What is an "Indian Rubber"? From context, I'm guessing a type of eraser? But what's "Indian" about it? And why did your school forbid them? I'm having a hard time coming up with any reason why a school would ban erasers, or a particular type of eraser.

Just curious :)

A Misnomer...

Thank you for you interest Anonymous, An Indian Rubber is indeed an old fashioned eraser. The term Indian is a misnomer as they originate from the Americas. It was a scientist, Joseph Priestly, who first coined the term. At my school it was believed that one should learn by their mistakes, therefore no rubbers and no scribbling out. Mistakes had a single line draw though them... Hmmm, I think it was more about character building than an irational hatred of erasers, however with the British one never knows. ;)

Sardonios you messed it up

We could have started talking about sex in the thread.

French Tickler...

Funnily enough I was considering mentioning condoms. However inno issued an edict; no school boy humour while she is in charge. ;)

*rolls eyes*

i NEVER said that... there you go again Sard... putting words and rules where there really shouldn't be. No... i have no idea how to handle this "situation" so unless it gets personal and people start posting explicit pictures of their hipsters reproducing or something i'll let Doug handle it.

i do wonder, however... with all this flying around if it will attract the pr0n spam again. :)


Klingons on the starboard bow...

True. However I do not consider free floater around Uranus spam... Or a valid reason to drum me out of the astronomer club. :P

Indeed Joseph Priestly is

Indeed Joseph Priestly is believed to have named it in 1770 when he found out that dried latex 'rubbed' out pencil marks. However the term 'India' he used comes from the fact that it was first brought from India.

Sir Henry was 'Ere...

Hmmm possible. However let us not forget all rubber came from Brasil until the late 19th Century. When the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew introduced Hevea brasiliensis to Asia.

British hatred of erasers

My parents (products of British and N. Ireland boarding schools) told me that many strange (to me) British behaviors could somehow be linked to WWII. As in, we must all pull together and be astonishingly thrifty, since we had to do it for more years than most Americans would believe. When I went to a British school in Africa, I always liked the tidy look of the mistakes with a single horizontal line through. It made me feel that it was OK to make mistakes. Now that I am a teacher librarian in America, I wish my young students would not bite their erasers and leave the crumbs.

Five Star Flew Hybrid NoteBinder


i really want to buy one of these new notebinders, but i can`t find anyone who sells them. im about to go look at wal-mart like you said. but do you know of anywhere else i can look if i don`t find it there. thanks !

Also seen at

Office Depot

look at cvs

Don't go chasing around for the "FLEX"just call the places to see if they have them .Come on we all can save the gas money :)Also see cvs i called and they have them in stock

From the school supply aisle

Hello all, thought I would mention for those of you who use the card system - Wal-Mart now has pre-punched index cards with 1 or 2 holes, with or without rings. Also had some that were perforated down the middle so you could use half-size cards, and packs of rings sold separately (in pretty metallic colors too!) And lots of different card binders and covers, including a nifty pocket size hard plastic container.

Lisa P.

Looking for the Mead Five

Looking for the Mead Five Star Flex Notebinder...It appears to be the XBox 360 of school supplies. Anyone know where to find them? Mead is also out of stock.

Mead Five Star Flex

I too had become semi-frantic looking for this. I saw one lonely component at Target the other day.
I have found solace in a Rollabind set, also at Target. It's the original system behind Levenger's Circa. For $10 you get an 81/2 by 11 binder with calender, pocket, bus. card sleeves and paper, AND a 51/2 by 81/2 version with an even better calendar and similar components. Plus two spare packs of paper. has other items plus a couple of reasonably priced punches.

I'm still lusting after the Five Star Flex, but calmer for now.

Cool, I hadn't thought to

Cool, I hadn't thought to check Target.

Staples is carrying Rollabind notebooks. Why does no one carry the punches? I had to order one online. (Well, we know why they don't... the notebook refills are $5 for 70 ugly pages at Staples.)

I only bought the notebook because the covers were nice and I couldn't make my own strong covers with the punch that I bought. But once you have the punch and decent covers, you can DIY all of the pages. It's a cheap version of Circa! What fun!

The three places I have seen them are:

Office Max
Office Depot

Mead Five Star Flex UPDATE

AHA. I found them yesterday at Staples. They hadn't been on the Staples website so I almost gave up when they weren't in the notebook section, but at last I found a separate bin with the Flex binders and some other new stuff.

So I have abandoned my still-new Rollabind for now and having fun playing with the pockets and sections of the Flex deal. I 3-hole punched and moved some of the pages from the Rollabind.



haha great stuff..great stuff..u really helped me out on this binder stuff..i really wanna look for the looks so good..and it seems perfect..but are u saying u need to buy certain paper for it?

anyways thanks alot.

Paper in the Flex

No. You can use standard 8.5"x11" 3-hole punched paper. they have some reinforced bond that they sell, but you don't have to use it.

Hey, I've been shopping

Hey, I've been shopping around for the past two days, looking for the Flex NoteBinder. I checked out the Walmart in Old Saybrook but had no luck. I also hit a Staples but there was nothing there either. Could you tell me which Walmart you found it in? E-mail me at Thanks!

-The Neat Freak

darn i was just about to

darn i was just about to check that exact same store tomorrow (i'm from CT) this notebook is seriously IMPOSSIBLE to find...ugh

Hey for people looking for

Hey for people looking for the five star flex, go to your local CVS or Duane Read I just walked into my cvs looking for the flex and i found it in every color and size.

Found them at CVS in Houston

Found them at CVS in Houston - 1" binders all colors

Um, As soon as they finish


As soon as they finish building it, I'm right there.

What Store has Five Star

What Store has Five Star Flex?

because it is so close to

because it is so close to the start of school, most places are out. I suggest looking at stores where people don't normally go for school supplies. I found one today at Eckerd. on-line is also an option

in canada?

has anyone been able to find these binders in canada? or are they only being sold in the states? i'll be going to hawaii next you think i can find them there?

Flex hybrid note binder


Where else can i get the binder when i went to walmart they were all out
and ive been looking for 2weeks.

Thanks ahead of time

Check e-bay.

Check e-bay.

Rite Aid

I was just at Rite Aid, and they have some of the mead flex notebooks there. they were $11.99 (about $4-$5 more than the one i got at Staples) and not worth that much money, in my opinion. they're really awkward to use.

Rite did have a supply of 5 or so mead ring dex, so i picked up another one of those...they're hard to come by

Available locally

I found a few at a local Staples. If anyone here is in the San Luis Obispo CA area, head to the Staples off of Madonna road.

Tipping Point

I now understand what Malcolm Gladwell was talking about in his book The Tipping Point. "Demand" for products we don't need is easily created.

Okay, Paper_Bob, you're on my list

I'll find something with which to tempt you.

Ring dex

Found a ring dex at Walgreens for 1.99. This is one cool invention. Pre punch, ringed index cards with hard poly cover and dividers.....i walked by....lusted....walked back...coveted....
and bought :)

"Meddle not in the affairs of dragons for you are crunchy and good with ketchup"


You know, I keep looking at those. I remind myself I don't need one. And then look at them again. :)

got one/ bf got one

we picked up clear covered ones since i had never seen clear ones before. matt uses his - mine is still in its wrapping, mocking my lack of any organization lately >.<

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Costco carries Mead Five Star Flex NoteBinder

I saw them at Costco (Sacramento/CalExpo location) today. They come in a 2-pack for $14/pack. 1.5" rings. Assorted colors.

The Flexbinders

I got a ton at Dirt Cheap in a few days for $1.60.
I love using mine for biology. They're fantastic for splitting up notes between each exam(Three exams. Three simple dividers. One final, one large divider. Coincidence? I THINK NOT).
Also, Target has a ton of medium ones down their journal aisle.