Planner Dilemmas!

Not only do I have many ideas for new planner pages, but I have found that my dilemma is that some of the pages I could utilize are not in a 2-up format. I enjoy this particular format because (1) I can get more on one page - back to back!, (2) I can just fold in half and hole punch one side, flip when filled out on one side, and just file away when both sides are filled out.

So, now you all are probably wondering how come I just don't make my own pages. Well, I'd like to, but I am not that talented when it comes to tedious tasks on the computer like that. I can do digital scrapbooking, but that is far as it goes once we go past message forums, email, and doing online college course.

Anyone else feel like this when they see the awesome templates here, or have so many ideas floating in their heads that they could burst?

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