I have always been an Analog Planner Gal!

You know, as techie as I like to be with my gadgets and gizmos, I have always had a paper planner. I have tried using the software-based ones, even attempted to own a PDA.... But nothing compares to my organizer!

I have owned one since I was thirteen years old. My mother bought my first organizer. I wanted one so bad. I saw all the doodads, different pages, and everything else in between in my mother's organizer that I just had to have one! So, for my thirteenth birthday, I got a NICE black leather one. It lasted me until I got into high school. I cried when the binding finally gave away and I could no longer carry it around without having a full binder!

The one I own now is the one I replaced my first organizer with. People always say "Get out! That cannot be that old!" when I tell them I have had my green organizer since 1993!! It is pretty hilarious because when you look at it, you can tell it has seen some days buut not that many years. After all, it is now 2006!

I have a LOT of things in my organizer. I have a calendar area, in which the only thing I now buy from the store for that is the yearly tabbed dividers. I now use the weekly template 2-up Classic from D*I*Y Planner. Another section is dedicated to my volunteer/event planning work which keeps all my clients, contacts, and projects separate from my personal area. The personal area holds all my TDLs (to do lists), my goals and objectives, story ideas (I am a writer!), an area dedicated to my podcast MommyPOD, my weight loss journey, other personal life things I need to have put in check every now and then. I also have a whole area dedicated to emails and website links as well as another area for personal contacts.

Of course, I carry important business cards and whatnot, but what mother doesn't. I don't know what I would do without my organizer! I could never get this personal with some programmer's software, in which his/her intent was to make my life more simple and that simply is not always the case.

Almost all of my planner pages are now from D*I*Y Planner. I don't know what I'd do without this site!

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