Single Step Guide To Success - Day Planning

This is an interesting approach to task management. Tasks or to-dos are grouped by geographical location rather than context. These are plotted on a single sheet of A4 (letter sized) paper to provide a ,"combined and edited, hence more readable and specific version of an appointments diary and to-do list."

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geographical locations

Puts me in the mind of mapping your way around town so you make the most efficient use of your time and gas when you run errands. Taking an extra few minutes to do this before starting out makes a big difference.

life balance does this too

It's a handheld software. The todos that you see are dependent upon where you are. They have mac and pc versions too, but this feature made sooooo much since in a handheld.


i have lifebalance for my

i have lifebalance for my mac. never used it much. but yeah, i've got a few things. will hafta explore that site above and see if i can use lifebalance again.

thanks for sharing you two!

Newton, too!

Just for those recent Newton converts, Life Balance is available for the Newton, too. I don't know if you can still download it off their site, but I'm pretty sure it's on the site. IIRC, it was a Newton app before anything else, so if you have a Newton, it might be worth having it, just for nostalgia. I forgot I had it on my Newton, until I saw this thread. ;-)