Quite Taken Aback!

My Goodness!

I used to create my calendars by printing from Outlook, then I migrated to an electronic solution which I am now giving up, and I was about to buy a PaperBlanks calendar for 2011, and I just stumbled upon D*I*Y Planner, and WOW, what an AMAZING resource.

I'd like to start by expressing my gratitude, as I've already created PDF files of various calendars and will now go through the rather enjoyable process of printing, experimenting and planning...

I'm motivated to learn how to create my own calendars and share them...however...is programming required...how can I learn the code? Where is the code? How are people creating their own personal calendars? I'd like to give it a shot. For example, I run www.curetinnitus.org and could create a healing calendar with our 4 Program Guidelines and things for people to keep in mind...

Also, I really like the Harmony Page from diyp3_core_a5.pdf, but would like to know how to change a few of the icons...what's involved in doing that?

A quick suggestion: it was not immediately obvious to me that the application was called DynamicTemplates, and when I downloaded the ZIP file, I didn't really know whether I was downloading D*I*Y Planner or something else...or even if I was downloading an application...I just took a guess since I could not find a "download" button...

Looking forward to learning more...

Dainis W. Michel

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I use simple stuff

Like Windows Excel spreadsheet, or Powerpoint or Word. I don't program. I have done the Dynamic Templates as well.